herwedding bridesmaids tutorial inspiration

Can we say I do? It's still taking for me to mention that my best friend will married this year. In order to honor this powerful and strong woman I decided to create a special Project..

What is more important than one's own wedding? The wedding of one's best friend! 

There is only one big day in every woman's life, but as a best friend there are actually two. Being a bridesmaid is not only a huge honor, it's moreover a responsibility. On one hand it's the responsibility for oneself to make it the most beautiful day of one's best friend, on the other hand one wants to be best prepared when holding the shaking hand of one's best friend while walking to the altar. 

#HERWEDDING is all about how to transform oneself into the perfect bridesmaid for the wedding of one's best friend.

I don't have experience what it is about to be a bridesmaid, but I'm more than willing to learn all about what to do, to wear and to know to make this day even more beautiful and unforgettable for Esra.

To be selected as a bridesmaid is a huge pleasure for me. This one in a lifetime event can also cause a lot of trouble and confusion, why I actually also decided to create this unique project.

The goal of his project is to build an online tutorial for upcoming bridesmaids like me, that will not only help future bridesmaids, but also keep my community updated with inspirational postings and unique content - all made for the girl behind the scenes.   

I'm super excited to finally start this project and my articles about the wedding topic. I'm already looking forward the big day, which will probably change everything, of course in a positive way.

I'm also curious for your feedback to the project and your memories and experiences as a bridesmaid or even as a bride. By following the hashtag #herwedding on the blog and social media you guys can always stay updated to any news about the wedding topic and my experiences, so as giving me input and advices. Well, I guess it's more than "okay" at this part to admit that I'm super excited.

This project is dedicated to my best friend Esra Coban, who has been the best friend I ever had. To have this unique and lovely person in my life has helped me to recover painful memories and brought happiness into the dark days. I'm endless grateful for this "gift" in my life.