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The Easter holidays have just started and the shops are full of chocolate bunnies and sweets. For the upcoming celebration I decided to create something like an Easter gifting inspiration and idea post..

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When it comes to the topic Easter the opinions might be separated. On the one hand it's a religious celebrations, on the other hand the gifting ceremonies is more or less also adapted for adults.

My opinion on this celebration is transparent, but I still enjoy the gifting part. Not for myself, but I like to gift others some presents. Also these kinds of holidays are always a nice opportunity for getting together and to spend some time with the family.

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I most enjoy gifting handy presents, that people are actually also use after this one day. I guess the easy Easter egg gifting isn't accepted at this part anymore. Still it's important to remember that Easter is only a "small" celebration so it's important to not exaggerate the gifting part.

One idea is to gift some beauty products. I'm a huge fan of Kiehl's since their products have a high quality. A little beauty package is the perfect gifting idea, especially for parents or the best friends. The beauty kit I decided for is a great invitation for a relaxed evening in the bathtub after a stressful day.

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As a fashion lover I have a high interest in good quality clothing. Not only street fashion is covered by this interest, also shape wear and things to wear under the "normal" street clothing are covered by that. A very cool brand to discover is Conturelle. The Conturelle shape wear pieces are an undeniable essentials piece in every girl's wardrobe, also for my latest project #herwedding the pieces are a must have.

ecco sneaker ladies line

It might be still a very weird weather situation outside, but regarding shoes I think sneakers are always a good idea. During Berlin fashion week the label Ecco has presented a new shoe design line. I think that the ladies line has a very modern and cool design and is a perfect Easter gifting, for friends and oneself too. Shoes are always a good idea.

jil sander sun perfume

My favorite gifting is perfume. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, a birthday celebration or Easter, perfumes are always a good idea, similar with shoes and bags. I think a new fragrance is always a fresh and creative ways to spread inspiration and new ideas. The new and just launched fragrance sun by jilt sander is basically what we are all craving for right now - a sweat and fresh perfume, which is already spreading a tough of sun and summer.

sun perfume mix shake jil sander

I hope this guide provided you guys with a little inspiration for the upcoming eater celebration. I wish you a wonderful and calmed Sunday and a great start into a fresh and new week tomorrow. And not to forget, today is the official beginning of spring.

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