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Getting into shape for summer can be a hard struggle. I know this situation the best, since I used to be over weighted in younger ages. I want to mention at this point that regular exercising is really important but with this post I want to share a quick ab routine with you guys that will help you to form your abs and core muscles..
At my fitness club the Aspria Berlin at Kudamm I was shooting this workout routine after a hot yoga workout. Within this post I want to share my six favorite exercises for hot abs, not only this summer but every day!

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With this exercise you guys train your abs on the front side. Especially your lower belly is trained by this exercise, which is honestly the hardest to shred. However sad this fact might be, one can't control the weight loss on certain body parts or areas. You should do this exercise with 20 repetitions, 3 rounds during your circle.

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With this exercise you guys train your waist. Most girls admire the hour glass shape without knowing how to train it. This exercise will help you to stabilize but also define your waists and help you to train for the hourglass shaped body. I recommend to repeat this exercise also 3 rounds but with 35 repetitions each.

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With this exercise you guys train for the line. The line has become a hype when it comes to abs and their shapes. This exercise is actually very easy and still very useful. I recommend repeating this exercise in 4 rounds with 2 rounds for each site and 25 repetitions on each site.

mountain climbers jasmin sport ab training bikini body guide

This exercise is named mountain climbers and in my view it's the perfect ab exercise, since it is combining a little cardio with muscle training. Coming from the fact that counting is not very handy during this exercise I recommend 3 rounds with one minute each.

As you can see there is one exercise left, which is the plank, visible on the first photo. Planks are my favorite exercise in general and I actually do them every day. This exercise is not only great to train your abs and core, it's an exercise that is shaping your whole body. I do planks with at least one minute each in 5 repetitions. A great way to intense this exercise is to add weights on your back. My biggest score is 60kg and however weird it sounds, the weights on your back will help you to improve your figure while holding the plank. I recommend to start by adding 10 kilos and to level the weight up with passing time.

I hope this workout provided you guys with some inspiration and gave you an idea how to get back on track and train your abs.