barcelona shooting model strensse outfit

Barcelona and Spain in general has a very easy and casual attitude in my view. However also over here are many fashion lovers and special occasions that inspire one to style up more glamorous than usually. During my editorial travel #mbf_barcelona I styled a very glamorous outfit for Strenesse, that I would like to share with you in this article..

outfitpost barcelona melia sarria

From all colors a women could choose there is one which is in my view the most passionated and exciting one, red. The color red represents many emotions, many feelings and is a great color in general. When I was younger I always had to decide whether blue or red was my favorite color. In the end I decided for blue but still I'm a huge fan of red lips and nails, this is probably why I decided to create a matching look with a red Strenesse dress and a red jacket, so as a metallic bag, which is also from Strenesse.

jasmin fatschild strenesse clutch

Since we were cooperation with the five star hotel Meliá I wanted to shoot a look in their locations too. The hotel offered us adorable locations and especially the area around the bar close to The Level was attracting me for a shooting with its great light night and the mirror and light reflections.

The modest and dark background left the most attention on the look itself and the bright lightening in the hotel was working as an additional spotlight on the already very bright and pure red colored designer pieces.

strenesse bag silver

I really liked this look and can't wait for a more sustainable weather, so that I can wear looks like this more often in public. Even the look is very obvious and actually easy too, it is a great outfit and perfectly for parties and special occasions. With the combinations of the golden heels the look is even getting a more elegant and glamorous touch.

asos shoes gold high heel

strenesse bag silver

With an matching make up like red lips, a simple mascara and a dark black eyeliner the look gets the final touch. Additional one could combine a few more golden accessories to give the whole a little more charm and glamour. How do you guys like the look and the pieces from Strenesse? I think that the bag is very unique. One could say it was love on the first view.

strenesse red dress jacket