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Hello from sunny Barcelona. I'm very pleased to be in Spain for a new editorial travel. For this new project I teamed up with the wonderful five star hotel Meliá Barcelona Sarrià..
The recently renovated hotel is not only located in the center of Barcelona, it is also connecting the cultural flair of Barcelona with a pleasant travel charmed. One can find the hotel directly on the Av. Diagonal, which is offering the most popular places of Barcelona. 
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Meliá Barcelona Sarrià has moreover many specials to offer. With a house owned spa, the exclusive YHI Wellness Spa, one can calm down after a stressful day in the city. Also the touristic interests can make one very tired, while it's a great escape to enjoy the spa. For all those who are still full of power, there is also a 24-hour gym, which is furnished with cardio and weight stations to ensure a healthy lifestyle and a successful training, also on travel.
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In my opinion one shouldn't feel restricted in one's habits because of the fact one is on travel. When I'm on travel I still want to be able to enjoy my private interests. A hotel should spread the feeling of feeling home far away from home, which standard the Meliá Barcelona Sarrià is totally fulfilling. Especially with "The Level" an upgrade membership, which the guests can book during the stay at the hotel. The Level is opened every day from 7AM to 11PM and providing their guest with fresh food, changing dished and drinks all the time. All of that in included in the booking of a room with access to the level.
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Also free high speed internet access is given, which is not only for people working on travel important, but also be online and always updated about news. The Meliá Barcelona Sarrià is a modern hotel with a luxury inspired atmosphere, to make one having an unforgettable and great travel experience when being in Barcelona.
Guests have also the availability to stay updated about news of the hotel through their social media channels. Also guests are invited to share their impressions and memories, per example through Facebook or Instagram.
Another great feature is the distance to the airport, which is very small. Within 20 minutes one arrives at the hotel. Also the hotel is circled by countless bars and restaurants and offers great possibilities to discover Barcelona by walking.
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For those preferring to stay at the hotel, there is also a great possibility to eat at the Uno restaurant. The food is prepared with local goods and offers the modern culinary techniques, combining creative recipes with the customary “savoir faire”. I was really surprised by the rich vegan offer that the restaurant has. It was so lovely when the team prepared a vegan menu for our dinner. Since we are in Spain, the eating habits are culturally influenced, this also means that the typically timings doesn't fit over here. Per example the dinner over here stars from 9PM on. We have really enjoyed our dinner at the Uno restaurant. Everything has been super fresh and tasty and on a good pricing too.
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For me breakfast is the most important meal in the day, that's why I always value a great buffet in the morning. I haven't had any problems at the Meliá Barcelona Sarrià with vegan or gluten free options. Also the fact that the food is mostly regional is very important for me. The breakfast space is very big and bright and offers many seats for the hotel guests, but also privacy through the wide space. Moreover the timing was perfect, since the breakfast is amiable from 7:00 - 11:00 and offers variations and always fresh and new food, which was constantly refilled. Also there was a second breakfast offered at The Level, which was a great additional option too.
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We had a very comfortable stay with the Meliá Barcelona Sarrià and totally enjoyed the spa area, which was totally needed after our arrival from the airport. Especially the sauna, Turkish baths, so as Water circuits, Thermal beds and warm couches are complimentary features for which the hotel is well known and valued.
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Our hotel room was very modern inspired. The furniture was very luxurious and the beds were comfortable. Also the entertainment program was very rich. It was a very pleasant option to be provided with a full furniture room with a flexible access to media. Our room was located in the 12th floor and offered us a breathtaking view above the city. Especially the view in the night was unforgettable. What I appreciated was also the fact, that it was very quiet around us. The impressive part about that is that the hotel is very centered from its location but still there is no annoying noise around. 
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The hotel in general is very modern and impressive. With its very futuristic elevators, which are used with a touch screen, their own social media accounts, great and very well informed staff that speaks English and all other features which are also mentioned above, the hotel is perfect and fits all wishes of a tourist and even more.
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I'm very happy that I was allowed to work with the Meliá Barcelona Sarrià during my editorial travel #mbf_barcelona and hope to come back in near future.