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Arrived back in Berlin I just couldn't await to tell you everything about my breathtaking weekend in the Mandarin Oriental Praguewhere I was invited to discove their inspirational house with 99 rooms in the heart of Prague..

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Arriving in rain, I was still sure, that the hotel ,which opnened in 2006, was more promising to wash away the grey clouds. After my travel I have been welcomed with a black Mercedes brought me to the hotel, which is extremely centered. Within 20 minutes I have arrived in the hotel which welcomed me with a fairytale look alike yard.

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Of course the friendly team was motivated to enhance my stay as most as possible to them. The check in was very quick and I had a person of the staff following me to the room, followed by another person of the concierge to help me with the luggage.

Coming from the fact that the hotel is in the house of an old cloister of the 18th century, the rooms still had the touch and structure of a historical building. This obviously doesn't mean that the quality is decreasing, since the Mandarin Oriental hotels are more than well known for their excellent service and high standard in quality. I was very surprised but delighted when I opened the door of my room 307 and saw a wooden staircase going down to the access of a bathroom and a living room, which not only offered a lot of space for a flexible and comfortable stay, but also a king-size bed, with countless pillows, which ensure a feeling as sleeping on clouds.

The bathroom was all covered in marble which enabled a very glamorous impression. Also the bathroom was fully equipment with all facilities and bathrobes, to ensure a high-end wellbeing for each guest.

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Followed from the first impression of my room it was time for lunch. I had already been hungry after the journey, which started early in the morning. The hotel owed restaurant "Spices" is a culinary highlight. Even Prague has many thousand restaurants, the authentic Asian and Indian inspired food at "Spices" is a cross on every tourists list, and also for locals the hotel restaurant is a hotspot. The restaurant is moreover connected with a bar, which offers creative and well tasting drinks. The food at the restaurant is also suitable for vegans, which was a great addition to my already fascinated view on the hotel. I have totally enjoyed their curry, which was served with tofu and rice noodles. Truly, I already miss the dish and wish it right away back to my plate while writing these lines.

After the lunch I had time for a short break in the room, before a tour through the city of Prague was scheduled. I was really excited for this part of the weekend, since it was my first time to Prague and Czech Republic ever. Actually a weekend is a very short time in order to discover a hotel like the Mandarin Oriental Prague, which offers so many features and specials to their guests. Luckily this fact didn't stop the PR team of organizing a wonderful tour trough Prague and made me discovering the most beautiful parts of the city, so as their traditions. I was very fascinated by the sweet street food trdekník, which I only knew from photos before. Also I enjoyed that the city is still very inspired by baroque with its historical and really painted look alike buildings.

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Getting back to the hotel which was just in walking distance of all these sightseeing activities, I took a little break before following my marathon running routine. For a person like me, who is active in sports,  it's more than important to have ensured a possibility to stay active. Not only during my runs, but also at the fitness room of the hotel, guests have the availability to stay active. Moreover the hotel is offering a membership, which included access to the fitness center. Especially for locals this offer is a highlight, since I couldn't discover any gyms around the center.

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Coming back from my run it was already dinner time. Beside the creative and rich menu the hotel created a few tapas plates, with a fine selection of their best food á la menu. During the dinner I also discovered a really delicious creation of falafel, which was made with mushrooms. After a few coursed the dinner was ready and it was finally time to head to bed, after a little more work at the room. As already mentioned I was totally attracted by the soft pillows and the huge bed, which ensured a great rest and a deep sleep. Also the hotel provides their guests with lavender spray, to make the sleeping experience at the Mandarin Oriental Prague an unforgettable one.

This sleep was definitely needed, since my alarm was set for 6:30 AM, for another run during my marathon preparation. This time I was running  9KM and took the sightseeing part on my own pleasure and responsibility. Along the waterside with the historical bridges I really got the feeling that I discovered most of Prague and it was amazing.

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Getting back to the hotel I continued with a hot shower, before it was finally time for the well deserved breakfast. The mandarin oriental had a little of everything and also a lot of fresh fruits and healthy options. Coming from the fact that the hotel is working deeply together with their awarded spa, the kitchen has a healthy influence, which comes totally through by their menu and breakfast buffet. 

However there is also an additional option of offering specials like detox smoothies, eggs or French toast. For me it was a delicious must have to try the gluten free bread. Since I refuse to eat gluten I always love to escape the routine and try the gluten free food at the hotels I'm staying at. This behavior is not only healthier, it is also very cooperative with digestion and referring back to the healthy influence of the spa. Wellbeing is more than wellness, it is influences by countless parts, and one of the most important facts for a balanced physical fitness is definitely a balanced nutrition. Beside my gluten free bread I ordered smashed avocado and a bowl with fresh berries. I was totally surprised how fresh and sweet the fruits actually were. I didn't assume less quality but the food has been so satisfying and delicious which is again a good proof for the great quality of the Mandarin Oriental hotels and especially the house in Prague.

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On our last day I have started with a yoga session in the spa, which was followed by a meditation at the spa lobby. Sadly I was not totally able to follow all poses, since I still had an issue with my ankle coming from the run during the slippery streets one day before. Luckily the Mandarin Oriental has an award for the best hotel spa in Czech Republic. At the spa reception I had a fabulous team of therapists who could assist me with my problem and helped me with a therapy at the spa.

The spa is very popular by locals, tourists and of course the hotel guests. When I told the spa team about my problem they were very concerned and made it possible to find space for me, before my check out and travel back home. My therapist Salvadore was a lovely and really passionate therapist, who really tried to find out the problem and asked me several questions to ensure the best massage method, pressure and products for my skin.

czech republic best hotel spa mandarin oriental award 2015

the spa at mandarin oriental prague

I also had a talk with the spa manager before my treatment who gave me some more background information about the spa. A very interesting highlight she mentioned was that the spa is located in a former Renaissance chapel. Sadly this fact is also responsible for the fact that the hotel has no swimming pool since the governments forbid it for this historical building. However, the hotel offers also saunas for a relaxing pleasure. Also I totally agreed with her about the great service which I was luckily able to enjoy during my stay.

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A treatment I can recommend by a visit to the spa are the significant massages, but the therapists are well informed and more than happy to find the best fitting treatment for each guest, from full body, to Hawaiian lomi lomi or facial treatments.

After my treatment I was spoiled with a selection of exclusive teas, like kiwi, strawberry and cinnamon. Also the therapist provided me with useful advices for products and things I should take more care of to enhance the wellbeing of my body.

Also what I noted from the beginning on was what the staff insisted on changing my shoes, since the Asian people believe in the fact that the problems fade away by taking off the shoes. The treatments are given in about 10 rooms, while most of them are featured with a steamed bath.
Every year for the Chinese New Year there is a special treatment. For the year of the monkey now in 2016 there is a special treatment about the fire monkey. The oriental way is totally expressed trough this annual changing treatment.

A very hard question I asked the spa manager in the end of our talk was which words she would use to describe the spa. She replied with aromatic, spiritual, happiness and oriental and I think in general these words are just a perfectly fitting for the hotel in total.
It was a pleasure for me to be guest of this charming and cultural influenced and influencing hotel. Prague is extremely close to Berlin and the Mandarin Oriental is the most outstanding hotel over there in town, which shouldn't be missed.