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Mother's day has just passed by and the summer days are coming. For summer each of us wants to keep that fit body but each of us know that the bad sugar cravings and a healthy nutrition not always go hand-in-hand. For all of you sweet tooth's I have prepared a vegan gluten-free protein cake. It is easy to make and doesn't need to be baked. Are you ready for a healthy cake with a huge vitamin boost?

vegan no bake cake glutenfree

I have made this recipe by myself since all the recipes I've seen before are very based on nuts. I shopped all ingedients via nu3. Even if nuts are very healthy, they still contain a lot of fat so I wanted to try to avoid making the filling of nuts. Coming from the fact that I work out regularly I wanted to include a huge amount of protein which is essential for a healthy body.

Here is what you need for the no bake vegan cake:

for the ground

100gr dates
200gr nuts

erdmandeln datteln

vegan filling for cake vitamin raw

for the filling

500gr yoghurt
1 tablespoon cashew butter
2 scoops protein powder (vanilla)
1 teaspoon coconut sugar
1 squeeze agave sirup
1gr agar-agar

bio vegan agar agar

kulau coconut sugar

cocoa nibs strawberry

for the topping

cocoa nibs

vegan cheese cake healthy clean eating

It is actually three simple steps only. First it is all about to prepare the ground. It is made of dates and a kind of nuts of one's favor. Walnut is great, so as some soy flakes for a higher protein intake. Simply put everything in the blender and let it go. Afterwards put everything in a bowl and press it flat on the sides of the bowl. 

The next step is to make the filling. Take a tub and put it in the soy yoghurt. Have the oven heated up on a high-level. Now put in the protein powder, the coconut sugar and a squeeze of agave syrup. After a few minutes out in a very, very little amount of agar-agar or locust bean gum to thicken the yoghurt. At last put a tablespoon of cashew butter to make the filling creamy and two scoop protein powder for the taste. I used vanilla flavor.

strawberry cake vegan

flourless cake glutenfree

Bring it to boil and keep stirring the filling. When the stirring gets a little harder turn of the oven and keep stirring for up to 2 more minutes. Now place the filling on the walnut-date cake ground in your bowl.

vegan cheesecake low in fat high protein fitness food

vegan cheese cake healthy food

For topping I recommend fresh strawberries and some cocoa nibs. Leave the cake for two hours in the fridge, before it is ready to be served. Enjoy!

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