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Summer has arrived and the bare leg season already started. Is always a competition to make a matching twist and combine a perfect outfit for the day and to make a memorable impression with a comfortable but creative look..

Since I'm trying to live more minimalistic and sustainable, I was also trying to adapted this behavior with my daily looks.

butterfly ballerina shoes

I think there is only very seldom something more beautiful than tanned skin and white clothing in the summer. This combination makes a very nice contrast and a wonderful saturation within the look.

jasmin fatschild myberlinfashion berlin style

As the main piece is only a white dress, which is very simple and a basic, I decided to combine colorful accessories to my look. A warm cold contrast within the red bag and the blue shoes made the touch up for my look. I really adore my new ballerina shoes by butterfly twist, which I ordered from London. The shoes are comfortable, easy and look fantastic. Also the design is outstanding and makes the shoe an it- piece.

shoes styling outfit inspiration

The red bag is a fashion it piece I bought last year in Amsterdam during fashion week. I always adored color blocking, and the bright color was basically made me buy this bag. Currently this is my only red bag I possess, but due its adorable color and the nice shape there is also no need for a second one.

long vest summer style inspo fashion icon

I really like this outfit and the simple combination of colorful basics, which create a modern city look. One could wear this look for most activities during the days, but also during the night.

red bag mango accessoires

My beloved brown long vest is perfect for the evening, if it gets cold and gives the look a casual sense. Also it is perfect to hide the bag straps when wearing the bag cross over.

I can't wait to show you guys more of my summer looks. I love summer, it's my favorite season and as I think it offers the best possible combinations for creative and fashionable looks. How do you like this outfit, and which is your favorite piece?

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  1. I like how you combine your perfect outfit and your bag is so nice.