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Today I already follow up with my second article of my Hamburg travel. As you know I have spent a whole weekend in the Hafencity, which is only two hours away from Berlin. Today's article I will share all my indoor activities with you..

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I have seen a lot of Hamburg and want to underline how impressed I am by this artistic city. All over their street art and a lot of cultural and artistic influence. Not only Hamburg has countless museums also the people of very committed to this kind of scene.

Hamburg Kunstmeile or the Deichtorhallen with exhibition are only an example of the whole offer.

miniatur museum hamburg

hamburg tourismus miniatur museum

One of my favorite museums in Hamburg is the Miniaturmuseum. I have never seen something so special like this. The Miniaturmuseum is a true must do activity in Hamburg, not only for tourists. The very detailed and handmade landscapes and features of various cities are magnifying and make one stay for a long time. Also Hamburg is featured in the gallery and one can discover it by day and by night in the museum.

Miniatur Wunderland  
Kehrwieder 2-4/Block D
20457 Hamburg

kaffeemuseum speicherstadt hamburg

genuss speicher hamburg

I was honestly impressed by the Speicherstadt. It combines a lot of museums and offers specials and shops. Also the Kaffeemuseum is located at this historic place. 

Baumwall / Überseequartier, 20457 Hamburg Altstadt
U3 Haltestelle Ba
U4 Haltestelle Überseequartierumwall 
U3 Haltestelle Meßberg 

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elbtunnel hamburg

If one likes darkness there's also Germany's biggest Schwarzlicht Viertel in Hamburg. One can play activities like mini gold in a unique setting over there. 

Just next to the Schwarzlicht viertel is the jump house, where also I went to. Beside a free schedule by ones visit there is also the possibility to join fitness trainings. The jump house is a perfect for each of us, from small to grown up. By the way it has a low fee and is open until late night.

JUMP House
Kieler Str. 572
22525 Hamburg

jump house hamburg

jasmin jumo house foam jump

musical aladdin disney hamburg

Late night one is invited to join Hamburg night life by countess bars and a huge clubbing scene. Hamburg is very easy in transport and most of the distances can be done by walk. Hamburg has also a few selected panorama bars for everyone who enjoys discovering the skyline by night.

My absolute highlight was the musical Aladdin. Not only because my name is Jasmin and I always admired the princess, also the musical is totally unique and a true reason to visit Hamburg. Even Hamburg is more known for Der König der Löwen, the Aladdin musical is my favorite. I have really enjoyed the evening of the musical. It is just another prove how artistic inspired Hamburg actually is.

Stresemannstr. 163
22769 Hamburg

hamburg könig der löwen

In general I have been deeply surprise and enjoy this travel to Hamburg very much. Hamburg is definitely a City which is able to cover a lot of interests. Also it is growing in view of their offers and their independence appearance. I'm so glad that I finally had the chance to discover Hamburg on its fullest and I'm very committed to explore more in the future. Hamburg is a city that will make one want to come back again to explore more.

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