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During my stay in Luxembourg I had the honor to be supported by the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg for my travel project with a stay at their hotel. In the following article I would like to share my impressions of my 4 night stay at the hotel..

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Luxembourg is very small but historical city. Due these facts it was no wonder that the hotel has a very special location with an unique setting. Located on a hill with only a small distance of a 15 minute drive to the city center one can find the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg. With only 9km from the airport also the arrival and the transport back to the airport is very simple and fast. The hotel even offers a free shuttle to the hotel and to the airport, so as a free pick up service, to make the stay much more comfortable, just as a holiday should be to feel home, far away from home.

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For those who rather prefer to travel independent, there is also availability to come by car or to rent one. With a huge parking slot at the hotel and a bus station about 2 minutes by walk away all guests have an independent choice in their flexibility. For those who choose the public transport it is worth to mention that the fee is only 4€ for a day ticket.

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Arrived at the hotel from the airport, the room had already been prepared for my stay. After the check in, each of the guests receives a warm chocolate cookie. As I think this is a very small but nice detail and when I looked around me, each of the cookie holding guests started their stay already with a bright smile and immediately felt warm welcomed.

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Located in the 19th floor I was spoiled with a huge suite with a panorama view above whole Luxembourg, which was unbelievable impressive. Also the room was quiet and there were no noises around. I was very lucky with the lightening situation. A lot of natural light came through the huge windows and even on the late hours there was still a lot of lightening in my suite.

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The suite included a living room space, a bed room and two separated bath rooms with a bathtub and a shower. A great feature was also that the suite included two TV stations, one on the side of the living room and one in front of the bed, to ensure the highest comfort for the guests.

Moreover the room included a free coffee maker, a boiler to cook water and a fine selection of tea and coffee caps, so as a small mini bar with sweet treats.

My suite was provided with a king-size bed. On request the guests can also swap the pillows and find a menu for the selection next to the bed. The sleep was very resting and I could finally calm down after a very stressful travel before my final arrival. For me as a freelancer and being constantly on travel it is always a struggle to find a rest. I was very happy to find a quiet place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg and to make time for myself.

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All rooms in the hotel are provided with a card lock. The check in is 3PM and the check out is noon. Guests have also the availability to request a late check out. The reception is open for all services on a 24h service.

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The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg offers its guests a gym and a wellness area. The gym includes a weight station, cardio machines and some small fitness devices. A pool and a sauna are located next to the gym. While the gym is open 24 hours for the hotel guests, the pool and sauna closes at 10PM. In the whole fitness and spa area is no need for a reservation. The spaces can be easily accessed with the room card.

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From 6:30AM to 10:30AM in the morning the breakfast will be served. With a rich selection of bread, meat and various egg styles, so as warm dishes one while have a wide choice on how to start into a new day with the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg. Also granola and other light food, so as fresh fruits and soy milk is given at the open buffet. On request one will be provided with gluten free options and also a vegan diet won't be a problem.

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As a vegan it is most of the time a burden at the typical breakfast buffets. At the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg I was not only supported with all my needs, also I was welcomed every morning with an already prepared menu and all my food directly served to my table. All my preferences were fully respected and the hotel was more than generous and happy to help me out.

The staff at the breakfast buffet, but also during my whole stay was very kind. I was even welcomed with my name and my room number. Also the staff was able to speak with me in German. In general the friendly staff of the hotel was able to communicate in many languages to solve all requests within moments.

The breakfast is served at the same space as the hotel owned restaurant "The Green". With a big spaced room, full of tables and windows. The room is very light and even offers entrance to an outdoor located terrace where the guest are also more than welcomed to take a seat.

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On the first day I went downstairs for a dinner at the restaurant "The Green". I was very surprised that also vegan dishes were listed. With a vegetable quinoa dish and goji berries I was more than happy and satisfied. I always take care of a very healthy and well balanced nutrition in my personal diet and totally adored the fresh and regional kitchen of the hotel. Also for my photographer, who is a prescetarian, there was a wide selection of good food. More than happy she was telling me how much she liked the fish and the asparagus soup, which was well spiced. Also I was very satisfied with a selection of gluten free bread and a fresh fruit salad in the end, while my accompaniment had a plate of sorbet, chocolate mousse and fruits. A tree course menu is priced with 32,50€, which I think is a reasonable pricing for the high quality and the professional service.

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On one of the following days I had to do some desk work. With a table and paper, so as writing utensils in the room I was perfectly prepared. When I got rid of all my paper sheets I was asking the room service to provide me with new paper sheets, which were brought to my room in let than 5 minutes. I have to mention at this point, that I was staying during a holiday and on the other days there were some big events in the center of Luxembourg. Even though it's quite busy reservation, the hotel staff managed it to response and solve all my requests very quick. Sure, it is part of the service one pays for, but still it is worth to mention that it's not only a claim and that the topic serviced is taken very serious. The hotel team is a well communicated team which manages and ensured the best stay for each of their guests and acts perfectly as a team. Free internet is given for each guests through the whole hotel. The login is provided by the check in.

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On one of the days, when I was out in the city on Luxembourg the hotel prepared a small surprise for me. It is even the small delights that make special memories for me. When I came back to the room I found a lovely letter and a huge fruit basket, so as a bottle of champagne and a selection of sweets, so as macarons and pralines. As I think a very generous and kind surprise by the hotel, which I totally appreciated.

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Already after the first night I felt more than welcomed and home at the hotel. Also the concierge team and the reception team welcomed me at all time and asked if I needed something, or any kind of service.

I regretless enjoyed the whole stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg with every moment. Seldom have I been provided with such a lovely service and when coming back to Luxembourg I already know where I would like to stay.

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