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I truly value travelling. It is one of the most valuable and exciting parts of my job, especially travelling around for a long time is so you unique and mind changing. For Lenovo I'll be traveling to San Francisco and decided to continue my US travel..

As some of you remember, I traveled to China last year. One for sure remembers me as very active on social media with so many videos and photos. Truly I had one of the best times with Lenovo in China. I will never forget this time and it always brings tears to my eyes when remembering this unique impressions. Literally there are no words for the things I went through with Lenovo and the other team members.

Not only I'm focused on fashion and lifestyle, I really love technique. My job is based on technical devices. Reasonable there is nothing more important than a device I can rely on. Working with Lenovo for so many years now I've been growing up with their products and have always been supported by a well working system.

Tech world is a special event that only shows products of the Lenovo company and their sister companies. It is an inspiring place with lots of announcements and exciting product launches.

herschel bagpack | kipling suitcase | mi pac
herschel bagpack | kipling suitcase | mi pac 
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stance | new balance
Due the upcoming events I'll be your guide through social media on my blog to present to you the latest innovations in technique.

If only I wouldn't deal with the suitcase packing part. Travelling would be the easiest thing ever for me, if there wasn't so much preparing. However struggling it might be, I have to pack my suitcase for a few months which is the actual challenge. 

I want to share a few advices with you guys how to pack a suitcase and review my worst mistakes.

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komono glasses
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First step one should start with is always and ever to not to take to many things along. A basic key to solve the suitcase problem is to decide what you will need while travelling. Try to calculate on how many products and clothes you will need. Also try to pack the suitcase in advance and go through it again after a little time to make sure you only carry the most important belongings.

Try to remember what your plans and activities look like, it will simplify a lot. Never pack a suitcase before you know that because otherwise to put in everything and then you will basically end up with a huge mess and an expensive overweighed bag at the check in.

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nakd fashion  

I think one of the most valuable advices is try to be easy. Leave the high heels home and enjoy a very calming stay- you are in holiday. Most of the time we try to impress others but what is really important is to take time for ourselves.

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skiny beachwear

Take it easy, have fun and travel a lot. Try to travel light and pack yourself with unique memories. See you soon in San Francisco with more information about this amazing trip I'll be heading to. I'm really excited.

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skiny beachwear | nakd fashion