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While travelling I always enjoy discovering a new Mandarin Oriental hotel. During my recent stay in Paris I had a lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Paris at the Camelia restaurant, which experience and impressions I will share within the following article..

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The Camelia restaurant is located in the ground floor of the hotel. With a wide menu of delicious meals the cuisine offers dishes which are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and fish, so as meat eaters.

Within a fine selection of nation inspired cultural influences, the kitchen spreads an independent touch to each meal and is able to make the visit at the Mandarin Oriental restaurant Camilia to a true highlight during a visit in Paris.

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The restaurant has a very minimalistic and clean touch, which expresses a sorted and well organized atmosphere. It feels like as if the restaurant was a plate and each guest is the secret essential for a perfect dish.

With a superb team of waiters and chefs, the Camelia restaurant will fulfill each wish of the guests. For me as a vegan it is always very hard to eat out, since the selection is very limited and I assume quality for the money I invest.

The Camelia restaurant might not be a daily alternative in fact of the pricing, but it is a true highlight and a wonderful treat for one's own comfort. One could say the restaurant serves sould food.

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As I was accompanied by my mother, I was able to enjoy the best of both worlds. As my mother is a very regular fish eater, she was more than happy to find a selection of creative selections and dishes.

For the starter she selected tuna, and according to her personal words it was the best fish she ever had. Being perfectly grilled and prepared I'm still surrounded by her compliments for the kitchen. For the main dish she selected the sea bass with a side order of steamed asparagus and the famous French potatoes, which need to be tasted trough an independent visit for sure.

For the dessert she treated herself with a cheesecake. As the dessert chef is creating true food art, the appearance of her cake was extremely catching.

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Also I was more than happy with my food selection. Starting with a tomato salad, out of different variantions, I tasted one of the freshest salads ever. With a fine addition of strawberries the kitchen brought the cream on top.

For the main dish I ordered noodles. I usually never eat wheat products but in this case I trusted the kitchen, as the dish was highlights as a very promising food experience, so it was. I have never in my life tasted these perfectly prepared and cooked noodles.

I'm very confident the noodles have been prepared fresh and were homemade. Also together with a vegan sauce the taste was unbelievable and breathtaking. Actually I didn't expect that much of a simple noodle dish like this, probably that's why I was more surprised about this genius taste.

For my final dessert I decided for a simple fruit salad, which expressed it culinary charm through a selection of fresh and national mango and berries and presented a perfect finish for me.

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Thanks to the Mandarin Oriental Paris, its team, chefs and restaurant staff Camelia, who made this visit a culinary highlight and an unforgettable memory.