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Just arrived in Los Angeles after my trip to San Francisco I want to take you back to Lenovo TechWorld. I was invited to San Francisco to be part of TechWorld so as last year in Beijing China. For those who don't know TechWorld is a fair that represented the latest features of the new innovating devices of the leader tech company Lenovo..

innovation never stands still

All of us were already really excited for what Lenovo will be coming up with. However what was represented would never have been expected by anyone of us. Not only Lenovo presented various previews, so as tech fashion, which was coming into shape through tech shoes, which are able to count each step, so as featuring many more highlights.

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reiniventong the pc experience

Another feature, which simple impressed all of us has been a new system that allowed one to winkle a mobile phone or tablet to any size. Per example one could wear one's mobile phone as a watch or put the tablet into a size of a Smartphone. However the new highlights which were launched as a special secret were the Moto Z and the Phab2Pro.

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Ashton Kutcher joined TechWorld to present the Moto Z to us guests. The Moto Z is the world thinnest Smartphone ever. It also features various features to transform it into a beamer or a sound box. It only needs 15 minutes to charge and comes with power battery cases.

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tech fashion shoes

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moto z san francisco

phab2pro launch technology

moto z use beamer

motorola new device

motorola z

motorola cases battery life

All of us at the fair were already totally excited for the final launch which was announced for September this year. The other great product that was launches, and which is also my personal favorite is the Phab2Pro. The Phab2Pro comes along with the Tango system. A special feature about this phone is not only that it combines a phone and tablet in one device also with the Tango system it makes your thoughts reality.

yy ceo of lenovo

lenovo phab2pro

presentation phone

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One can measure things from the Phab2Pro, so as doing blue prints and much more. As we from Lenovo always say that we never stand still, I think this is just a great prove for our quote.

I'm really excited for next year's TechWorld. You can also find more impressions of the event in the video I attached above. What is your thought on TechWorld and the new products?

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  1. Looks like it was a great experience to visit the Lenovo TechWorld! Really cool that you're able to visit it!

    Best wishes