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While coping with a heavy travel schedule I'm unfortunately a little late scheduled with my review about my last destinations Los Angeles and Hawaii where I just recently travelled to. However, following the quote better late than never I will share my impressions of my trip to Los Angeles with you today..

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I have been super excited to visit Los Angeles for the first time. It was truly a new experience for me. As I had just departed from San Francisco the distance wasn't that far. Without really knowing what I will be heading to I was just very optimistic and grateful to discover a new city in California.

I sadly didn't know that Downtown is not the place to stay in Los Angeles so I booked my hotel definitely at the wrong place. Never mind I was located very central and fortunately I traveled easy with Uber trough whole Los Angeles. I went to Malibu Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and many more stops. 

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It was a very impressive time I was allowed to be part of and on tip I also had the pleasure to catch up with my beloved friend and super babe Liza [@xoxolizza] who is a true inspiration. We went to an event in Los Angeles and I was even able to connect with the LA community, which has been true fun.

From what I experiences Beverly Hills is the most beautiful place to stay at when being in Los Angeles. The place is super clean and chic and I really liked the architecture. When being back in L.A.  I will definitely stay in this area, as I spent a lot of time over there.

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For the beaches I highly recommend Malibu beach. It is a little more far than the usual beaches, compared to Santa Monica pier, but it's a stunning setting and one will love the quiet untouched area. My Uber driver brought me to paradise coast which is a very private and nice place and easy to access by car.

Also one shouldn't miss Santa Monica pier. The beach is very beautiful and there are also a few carousels around, which is pretty much fun.

I didn't go to Venice beach, as I was told it isn't that safe. As I was coping with a little too less time anyway I didn't really mind. Maybe some of you guys can give me feedback for my next trip to LA if it is worth to go there?

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I have also been to the Universal Studios. However I didn't go inside I enjoyed Universal City and visited the cinema over there, which has truly been the best cinema experience in my entire life. I have bender been to such a comfortable cinema space. The tickets were $14 and the seats were quiet like massage seats and one could put it into something like a bed.

I also have been to the Hollywood sign, but only close to it. It actually not that easy to access and as there are only houses around the area one can only take a photo, there's nothing nearby and truly it's not that exciting as everyone is assuming it to be.

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The walk of fame isn't that far and truly worth to be seen at least once. However, please be careful as there a crowds of people and artists. It is a very impressive setting and a short walk with looking at the stars is actually fun. As the walk of fame is a public district there is no charge.

I sadly can't provide you guys with any food recommendations as I don't eat out and cooked for myself every day. Nevertheless there are various food spots, also for vegans and healthy eaters. I hope my impressions could have helped you and you got provided with a little inspiration for your own travel adventure to Los Angeles.

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