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Just as every Sunday I'm excited to share a new #cookformesunday article with you guys. During my stay on Miami I had the great pleasure to visit Kone Sushi, the Official sushi provider of AAA and Miami Heat Flagships and Dewars Lounge..

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Good taste doesn't need to be expensive. With a creative huge menu the sushi supplier offers huge variety on a reasonable pricing with fresh and qualitative ingredients.

Kone sushi is more than just sushi. The restaurant also features a cocktail bar and offers a comfortable lounge feeling with modern beats.

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I had the pleasure to meet the owner Carol, during my visit at the restaurant. Carol is a beautiful young woman and perfectly represents her restaurant. The staff offers a very good service and is always near by to give recommendations for one's order.

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I visited the restaurant together with a friend of mine. I'm vegan and he eats fish. What I love most about this place is that there is option for everyone. No one is out of the circle just because of having a different nutrition habit.

Each plate is set up in a creative design. Most dishes also invite to share with friends, which is great as one has the chance to try something new.

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The influence of the food and the creative creations come from the fact that the kitchen is fusing Japanese and Brazilian cuisine. Kone sushi is currently featuring some dishes, so as "pure protein" and "ceviche".

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However, my favorite dish at the restaurant was "rainbow veggie". Combining shitake, carrots, scallions topped with avocado, this roll has been a fresh and delicious meal during the hot days in Miami.  I highly recommend Kone sushi for traveler and locals. A good place to eat, relax and have fun. Also it's worth to check out their dessert menu!

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Kone Miami
247 SE 1st Street Miami
FL 33131

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