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As being constantly on travel I didn't have time to properly update you guys about my wedding project #herwedding within the last weeks, which is dedicated to my best friend Esra. As being a bridesmaid for the first time in my life I decided to create an online guide for upcoming bridesmaids like me. Today I finally share new content about the topic " the perfect dress"..

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As styling is an essential part of a wedding, we girls want to simply look superb. Within the style inspiration guide by Asos #asseenonme I was allowed to have a closer look on their website in order to select my dress for the wedding of my best friend.

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As Asos also presents a wedding collection, I was more than happy to find the perfect matching dress for me, which has been a true struggle in the beginning. I want to share a few advices for the topic "dress and dressing" for weddings.

There might be no rules, but I think before one is doing a huge research one should simply talk to the bride first. I did it this way and so Esra was telling me her preferences in lengths and cut. A special wish of her has been a very intense styling as she wanted me to dress up for her wedding.

These information totally simplified the research for my dress, as I knew that I wanted to wear a long dress, which I would always recommend. Long dressed look a lot more glamorous and if the wedding is outside in nature one doesn't need to worry about a breeze which is lifting the dress.

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For the color it's best to look in one's wardrobe. One should feel easy and comfortable so it would be the best to wear colors which also appear in one's wardrobe.

Now ask yourself, which colors are visible in one's wardrobe and how is the taint related to that. What kind of makeup is scheduled and how does it suite the color of the dress?

As I was about to do a soft make up I decided that the dress needs to be a little softer from colors but pimped with statement details. I have a tanned skin so my dress is a soft brown/beige.

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As wearing a long dress I'm more or less forced to go for heels but also in general I'm sure that all of us girls will wear heels. It is very important to remember that one has to dance and walk in these shoes for hours and especially because of that it should be ensured to have comfortable shoes, which heels are not too high.

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Let's be happy, marry and get lucky. Can I have a toast on that?