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Spending some of my last days with the Atton Brickell Miami was the best idea I ever had. The brand new opened hotel invited me for a 2-night stay in their hotel. Today I want to share my impressions about the modern and chic 275-room hotel..

I truly never experienced such a smooth and reliable service with a just recently opened $65 million hotel. Honestly, I was not even aware that the hotel opened just on 1st of July.

The service, the hotel itself and everything in the room was perfectly setup. The check in process was fast and easy, so as the staff was really kind and caring.

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bed room kindroom bed miami

My room was located in the 10th floor and had an adorable view. I was overlooking downtown Miami and all the beautiful skyscraper in Brickell area.

My room included a huge bed, much space for all my belongings, an entrance hall and of course a bathroom. Since the hotel just recently opened everything was still brand new. Supplied with usb plugs I also haven't had any problems with adapters. 

rooftop at atton brickel miami hotel

simpson park miami

A true highlight has been the rooftop pool, located in the 12th floor. I really enjoyed spending time over there. Also the pool offers a unique overview above the Simpson Park, which is protected and offers free entry by the way.

On the same levels just next to the pool guest can find a cocktail bar. Also the pool is opened for people who are not staying in the hotel, as long as they are visiting the pool bar, which is a pretty good deal as I think. More events and parities are also planned to keep an open eye on this beautiful hotel.

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lamp design luxury

The first night has been super calming for me. I definitely had a good rest and was able to recharge my batteries. Fashion week and all travels in the last months have been fun but it still takes most of my energy to cope with all the time zones and flights around the world. 

Starting into the day with a lovely breakfast has definitely been a perfect announcement for my first day at the hotel. The hotel offers a buffet and รก la card menu. 

breakfast fresh fruits vegan

usa food breakfast hotel bread

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The buffet offers a waffle maker so as fresh fruits and everything travelers mainly wish for. For me as a vegan I rather sticked to the breakfast menu and enjoyed breakfast potatoes and spinach, so as fresh orange juice.

A little after my breakfast I kept continuing my training schedule. As I'm training for a marathon I had to practice on my runs. However much I actually wished to run through Miami and keep discovering the area while training, I had to set my training to the gym area, as running in 33*C heat is definitely not fun, still working out in the gym was fun.

gym training workout

fitness room hotel miami gym

Supplied with ceiling windows it felt as if I was running through the sky. The view in general from all the rooms is breathtaking and especially in the night the view with all the city lights will make one never want to leave again.

After finishing some meetings in the area I came back to my room and prepared myself for dinner.

salad quinoa vegan

lima restaurant brickell miami

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is all served in the hotel restaurant Lima, located in the ground floor, next to the hotel lobby and an additional bar with a huge wine selection.

Lima restaurant is a Latin cuisine offering Peruvian favorites in a stylish environment.
The menu features different tastes with a unique twist. Also the menu features vegan dishes and healthy options, including quinoa.

rice egg peru kitchen latin

dinner eating out

My favorite was definitely the taco taco, which is a rice cake, made with beans. I also had the quinoa salad and a fresh tomato sauce on side.

On my last day in the hotel I was pampered with another taco taco, as the chef was so kind to prepare it for me.

chef gourmet cooking

I really had a wonderful time. Atton Miami Brickell is an adorable place to stay with room rates starting at $149 only. It is perfect for budget travelers who still want to enjoy luxury and follow their habits, per example working out. The team and service is great and it was a please for me to be their guest.

miami skyline view downtown skyscraper