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Aloha! Just before I will share my Qinghai adventure with you, I will take you one more back to Hawaii. As I was sharing my impressions of the Ritz Carlton Maui in yesterday's article, I will today take you on back to my island hopping, share some useful advices and beautiful photos..

I spent a total of 6 nights in Hawaii which I had to split and balance for two islands. As I first scheduled to visit Honolulu only 6 nights didn't seemed too bad for me. A drone of mine convinced me to visit Maui too, so as I did and truly Maui was the highlight only my travel to Hawaii. I can highly recommend visiting Maui while planning a travel to Hawaii.

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I spent 4 nights in Maui. As I wanted to travel around the island I was trying to figure out with the public transport. The best advice I can share is to take an airport shuttle to your hotel and find a local car rental. There are some public busses but these are not reliable and often they are coming every two hours only. Also the driving is very comfortable and easy and car rentals are very cheap. I rented a car for 3 days for only $80 and payed $30 for a full reload of gas.

A slight note that I was also not aware of is that the car rental age in the USA is 25. People from 21-24 can rent a car but need to pay at most of the "big" rentals an extra charge for being under age. This fee is between $25 - $50 per day each. Some local rentals do not do an extra charge and by renting an older car which has already a few scratches you are not only paying less but also don't need to be afraid of filth.

When visiting Maui I can share the advice to do a road trip. I did the road to Hana back and forth on one day. It was a 3 hour drive each but it was truly amazing. On the road to Hana one will discover waterfalls and small independent towns. 

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Another trip I did was going to the Ritz Carlton. Treating oneself with a Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, enjoying the beach and pool side and the delicious food over there will truly upgrade ones experience.

For me as a runner I also enjoyed to run around. One day I even did a 13km race and discovered all the beautiful landscapes and impressions.

The flight from Maui to Honolulu is only 40 minutes. As Honolulu is more modern I wanted to save money and ordered an uber. I was staying in an Airbnb with lovely hosts and truly enjoyed my stay over day. 

As I had a flight change from Maui to Honolulu I only had one day to spend in Honolulu. I found again a cheap car rental and payed only $50 including taxes and gas. 

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When I received the car I was sure to spend the whole day in the car. I truly traveled the whole island that day and was able to discover all parts and beaches.

In the evening I drove with the car through Waikiki but I can't recommend this place. It's super packed with tourists and has just nothing special but pricy restaurants and fast food. When coming to Hawaii make sure to go where the locals go and make your stay something special. 

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In case one is not having a driver license one can still take the bus, which is also running in Honolulu. The fee is $2,50 and there's no change. Make sure to bring coins. It will take very long to use the bus and one won't be able to discover all parts as the bus is not stopping on most of the places. 

Visiting Hawaii had always been a dream of mine that I was finally able to gift myself. Next year I'm planning to discover the other islands, so as big island and watch the Vulcan. If you have ever been to Hawaii I would be happy if you could share your impressions and advices with me. I'm so thrilled to go back to Hawaii next year and feeling so lucky already.

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