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As being in China, I went to Hong Kong while traveling around the city. Since I have never been to Hong Kong, I was very excited to discover the city. As I looked up for hotels I discovered, that the Mandarin Oriental has even two locations in Hong Kong. Due that fact that I was limited in time before moving on to the next destination, I made it at least to one of the houses and explored the The Landmark Mandarin Oriental  on my last day in Hong Kong..

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Located in the center of Hong Kong one will find the The Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Just being surrounded by various shops the hotel offers a perfect locating for city hoppers like me.

Arrived at the location, I was blessed with a stunning welcome area. Just on the left handle of the entrance on can find the restaurant, where I started my stay at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel with the Director of Communications.

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As we were communicating before my arrival already, the hotel was teached about my special diet and needs. When we arrived I was surprised with a special setup by the chef. Without knowing what he actually prepared for me, I was sure it would be very promising, as the bar is the most popular one in Hongkong. Moreover the restaurant Amber is featured as one of the 50 world's best restaurants.

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I truly have to admit, that the served dish was beyond my expectations. I was a little insecure as I'm not a huge fan of steamed vegetables but the made up dish was excellent and extremely delicious.

What I noticed on the order cards is that the front page looked like a white plate. I'm not sure if it's only coincidence but I think that the whole setting had a very creative and unique expression. Also the bar area was covered in a wonderful light and everything in the restaurant area looked very fancy and glamorous. I really liked the lunch and was even more thrilled for the hotel tour which has just followed afterward.

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The hotel has a total of 109 rooms. In total there are 3 different room times offered which come in the sizes 450,600 and 900 sqf. I was lucky to have a tour through one of the suites.


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The first feature I was able to spot was a huge bathtub and a very bright bathroom. I'm a huge fan of interior and this look could just have been copied of a look book for "perfect living". Followed my stunning bedroom space with speared wardrobes for him and her and a for the hotel only designer bed, I was more than impressed. Everything about the suite was in purpose to offer the highest possibility of comfort and exclusivity. Also that wise one can explain why many celebrities stay over at the The Landmark Mandarin Oriental , so was Victoria Beckham, just a week before my visit.

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After the hotel tour I was brought to the spa area. I sadly couldn't make any appointments for a treatment, as the spa was very busy, but I was invited to relax at the pool, Jacuzzi, heated beds and saunas, which has been a goodness for me during the tough and long distance flights I have had previously.

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I spent a few hours at the spa and had some great talks with the lovely spa team. It has been a pleasure for me to be guest at one of the Mandarin Oriental hotels and to get to know to one more of the adorable houses of the Mandarin Oriental hotel group. 

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I'm more excited to come back to Hong Kong in future and also discover the second Mandarin Oriental which is nearby the area.

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