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I have just arrived back in the USA from my trip to Qinghai China, where I was invited to by the tourism board. I have spent the last two weeks in China, as I was departing from Hongkong. Today I proudly present you my full review of my adventurous trip to Qinghai..

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It was already my second time in China and I was more than excited to come back to a country that is so grounded on cultural aspects and influences. One can truly feed the traditional vibes and roots in China. 

As I have already been to Beijing and Hongkong I was more into the big cities which are more or less filled with rush and a very urban lifestyle. 

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Before I can to Qinghai I wanted to do some research which was a little struggle as Qinghai is a very untouched province. I guess basically because of that I was even more excited to come to Qinghai and explore its beautiful landscapes and temples and reveal all of that in my reviews with you guys.

Departing from Hongkong I had to do one stop before arriving in Xining, the capital of Qinghai. Xining is compared to the other parts of Qinghai more structured, from my impression and a very lively and modern part of Qinghai.

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I stayed the first three nights in Xining and departing from the hotel "the Qinghai hotel" I traveled around to beautiful temples and explored the culture and history of Qinghai.

Also the medical museum has been a really interesting stop on the schedule, as it was showing off some of the past inventions. Also it included a paining with a total length of 600m, and it is a one piece.

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Around Xining one will find a lot of small shops and restaurants. However it was difficult for me as a vegan to find a suitable place as most dishes contain meat or are vegetarian. Nevertheless China has a lot of tropical fruits, including my favorite dragon fruit, which was satisfied enough for me. 

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However the food over here has been really impressing and at the restaurant normal estates will find a huge variety of local dishes. 

A part that impressed me the most are the round tables which offer the possibility for sharing and make each meal big fun. Also eating with chopsticks has been very easy for me.

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On the third day we went off to a smaller town in the mountains named Tongren and saw some more temples. We stayed overnight in a small hotel and departures early on the next day back to Xining.

A true highlight has been China's biggest salt lake for me, which one will find over here in Qinghai. I truly enjoyed the nature and perfect setting of the landscape. The images were adorable and the setting has been even more beautiful in real life, compared to the photos I was taking over here. 

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We went to the lake with a bus. The road trip took us about 3 hours but it was worth it and I can highly recommend the road trip. We stayed at a small hotel near to the lake. The area around the lake is very touristic and popular, so one will definitely not get lost. The town is called Dayu Tribe.

Before I arrived at the lake hotel I made another stop at another point of Qinghai lake. As there was also the possibility to go on an air balloon, I took the chance and had my first ride with a balloon ever. It was a twist of shaking legs and incredible fun and I just loved it.

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The size of the lake is just indefinable. It takes a 360km ride around the lake to circle it one time, pretty impressive!

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Another impressive fact is also that Qinghai has rich parts, so as the lake, a lot of green spots and moreover a desert, where I also made a stop.

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Early in the morning I departured back to Xining from Dayu Tribe. Before I went back to Xining I made a stop in Qilian. 

Qilian has been such an impressive stop, as I was visiting the Yuanyang flower sea, which is a true gifting of nature. Sadly I arrived out of season and the flower sea wasn't looking that rich. As I arrived in June the official season is July.

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Our last night I spent in Xining with the rest of the travel group. We had a lovely farewell dinner before all of us departured.

Truly, the trip to Qinghai has been so special to me. It was incredible much fun and I'm really looking forward to come back in future, as Qinghai is currently growing and getting more modern and easier with the English language. I'm excited to follow the updates and changes in the meanwhile.

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