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New York is a place like no other. People from all over the world come together at this place. It's a melting pot, influenced by countless cultures and a hotspot for luxury and celebrities. Located at Columbus Circle one will find the Mandarin Oriental New York. I visited the hotel for the brunch, which is held every Saturday and Sunday..

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From previous articles each of you guys already has an impression of how badly I adore the Mandarin Oriental houses. Each house is different and each visit, each stay impresses me and even exceeds my expectation.

I guess there's just no forecast for a stay at the Mandarin Oriental, as each stay, each house is so different and combined with so many beautiful and new experiences.

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The Mandarin Oriental New York is probably one of the most outstanding houses in the USA. The house has some breathtaking specials to offer, starting with the view. If you are afraid of height you might need to fight off your fear, as the check in of the Mandarin Oriental is located in the 35th floor.

As soon as the elevator doors open one will face the New York skyline, with skyscrapers and a view that most people probably only remember from the Empire State Building.

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As I was already announcing I had the pleasure to enjoy the brunch. Each Saturday and Sunday from 11:45 - 14:00 the restaurant "asiate" is providing a 3 course brunch menu à la carte.

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The menu starts with a selection of various starters, which are all served within the first course, followed by an entree that one is allowed to decide out of by several options. For the perfect indulging guests have the additional selection of a dessert selection within the menu.

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As you know that I'm vegan and gluten free my selection was probably not as usual as it would be during a "standard" brunch. However, all my items were listed on the menu. I definitely value that there has been also options suitable for vegans. 

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My overall experience at "asiate" was truly a blast. Having brunch in New York in the 35th floor is definitely a must have experience for the Big Apple and an absolute insider advice, which I want to share with you. 

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The Mandarin Oriental just defined #FoodWithaView and brought it to a new level.