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I love to discover new restaurants while being on travel. Especially for common minded people like me, there is always so much research needed in order to find suitable places for healthy or even vegan food. I know that these places are usually not easy to find, but I luckily just discovered Buredo, which just opened their second store during my visit in DC...


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Have you ever had the problem that you like sushi but got frustrated by paying endless money for only six small pieces of sushi? I have been so tired by always having the simple six sushi pieces and paying high prices for it. I always wished for a big roll, that I can have easily as a snack on the go, which is fueling and can be made and prepared by my individual wishes. 

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Guys, stop dreaming and start eating - at Buredo! Buredo is a restaurant that sells sushi rolls in size and shape of a burrito. The restaurant is mainly inspired by healthy food and wants to supply the healthy mission, against fast food.

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With fresh ingredients, and "good" food, Buredo wants to support the healthy lifestyle. The restaurant has many different dishes on their menu but as I think the rolls are definitely the signature dish. I have been so happy to discover this place, which is also featuring various vegan rolls, so as vegan sauces on their menu.

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Another happy fact is the price, as the restaurant offers "the good stuff" on a decent pricing which is affordable for everyone. DC definitely has huge food envy from a German girl named Jasmin. I wish we had Buredos in Germany.

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If you're also coping with having an issue about sodas there's help too. Buredo teamed up with organic farmers to provide healthy sodas, with outstanding flavors, so as coconut and lemon grass. Best about all of it is that all food and drinks are no gmo, organic and extremely delicious.

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You guys can discover the new Buredos store in Dupont area. The opening time is 11AM to11PM. Enjoy good food and have a bite for me too, please.

1213 Connecticut Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20036

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