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During my layover in Guangzhou I had the great pleasure to have a quick stop at the MandarinOriental, to enjoy a lovely dinner in the Ebony restaurants. Enjoy beautiful food photos and follow your holiday cravings which will definitely lead you to the mandarin oriental Guangzhou..

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I was very lucky about the quick set up. As I had 9 hours before my flight back to the USA I decided to take a cab from the airport with the hotel, which took me a total of 40 minutes, which is not to bad to be honest, as it was rush hour and I was just in-between a heavy traffic.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was kindly joined for my dinner with one of the members of the communication team. She introduced me to the beautiful and very huge property, which I sadly haven't had time to discover. Even a spa appointment and a hotel tour have been booked for me but sadly my arrival has been delayed. Believe me, this is definitely a place to get back to and I already decided to plan a stay in future with the Mandarin Oriental in Guangzhou area, as the team and the hotel itself really convinced me.

Arrived in the restaurant Ebony I was pampered with fresh juiced and an alcohol free drink, which was prepared in the recently opened bar for me. The bar just reopened after a renovation and is in perfect condition to invite guest for a calmed and private lounge experience, with access to a balcony and a beautiful view.

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The restaurant Ebony is located in the 4th floor of the restaurant. It features a huge buffet with selections for all kind of eaters. For me as a vegan I was very happy to have such an open and wide selection of different foods being available.

A huge benefit of the buffet is also, that the chefs are working "live" at the station to supply special requests. The sushi chef has also been so kind to prepare some fresh sushi rolls for me, and allowed me to select my favorite ingredients.

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Next to the grand buffet, which is featuring a huge salad bar, sushi bar, so as hot dishes and all kinds of what the heart wishes for, one will find another room. This room might be one's favorite., as it is featuring the probably for me biggest selection of cakes and sweets I have ever seen in my entire life, being perfectly set up within a stunning food performance and gourmet taste and look within each detail.

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The dessert room features all kind of desserts, from French macaroon, cupcakes and various cakes. Each of the desserts has a unique look and is creatively decorated and lucks like the finest food art just set on a plate.

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However nice the desserts are, I'm more a fan of fresh foods and fruits. The huge selection of fresh fruits at the buffet made me definitely one of the happiest persons ever, as the buffet was also featuring fresh dragon fruit, which is my favorite. I guess I mentioned it that often, that most of you guys remember or know it already, but truly this is a very exotic fruit and it's not easy to find "the good ones".

The high quality and standard of the Mandarin Oriental has definitely been reflected within the offered food. The ingredients list featured only the finest and fresh foods that I could wish for. Food is so essential and one should always make sure the quality of one's food is fine. At the Mandarin Oriental one can definitely be sure to keep this standard.

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The decoration of the restaurant Ebony is very glamorous and charming. With a very clean design and showcasing French-designed stoves, a wood fire oven and glass-encased pantries. I really enjoyed the fact, that it is also featuring an open kitchen so when joining for the buffet you can "meet" the chefs.

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I definitely can't wait to be back at the hotel to enjoy more of the facilities. It has been such a wonderful experience which has been definitely too short. Well, as the quote says "we always meet twice in a lifetime".