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My stay in Boston has been has been so much fun for me to stay in the city I will just drive us to perfect place for vegan. Just yesterday I have the pleasure to visit the restaurants true bistro. All of the mouthwatering this beautiful location with you guys..

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My arrival has been so smooth. Arrived in a lovely part of Summerville, only 15 minutes away from Boston downtown I have already been excited for the menu.

Before I came to Boston I have had a research. I was immediately attracted by the clear vision and powerful expression of true bistro through their website.

quinoa salat

Opened in 2010 the team started to stand in for animal rights and supply delicious food. The chef Stuart selected some dishes for me, that he was sure of I had to try.

My entree dish has been a salad, but probably not as most of you would assume. The red quinoa salad has been a dish, very rich in taste, combining fresh herbs and corn, within a perfect setting.

vegan clean eating

The current favorite dish at the restaurant is the roasted cauliflower dish. As I was as lucky to try it I can perfectly understand why.  Usually I would never ever eat cauliflower, but this roasted version has been "everything". I loved the fact, that the filling has been so smooth and soft. The dish was kind of a mixture of roasted potato mash. I can't really describe it but I can tell I love it and definitely need to try it at home too.

chicken food vegan

The crispy squash blossom might look similar to a chicken wing, but I can luckily tell it has been vegan goodness. Filled with creamy cashew cheese this snack has been a light and creative snack in between.

vegan crispy squash blossom

My last dish to try has been the Vietnamese crepe, which was made out of rice flour and mushroom, filled with fresh ingredients and a perfect sauce. The taste of the crepe reminded me of potato cake, just that you guys can have an imagination on how it tastes. 

crepe vegan fresh food

healthy eating out

I have been super filled by all these dishes but the pleasure went on, when the vegan cheese cake arrived at my table. Not including any sugar or gluten, the cake became even more delicious within each bite. On top I was also able to try some of the vegan ice cream. I tried 3 different types, and they all have been delicious, while I liked lavender the most.
vegan dessert

vegan cheese cake

vegan ice cream

vegan food restaurant boston

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I can just highly recommend true bistro for vegans and non vegans. I can't remember having such a perfect vegan food setting. This was definitely a 5-star experience for me!

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