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Eating out on travel can be so hard for me. Even in New York, or maybe especially in New York finding healthy food on a budget is a burden. During my research for healthy vegan food I discovered the vegan café Franchia. Within my article I'm thrilled to share my impressions with you and give areview of my experience..

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Honestly, I never had vegan food like this before. I can definitely tell that this has been my best vegan food experience EVER. I'm usually not a big fan of New York. I mostly travel to the big apple for business but I know it I a touristic hotspot and most of you might go again or are just ahead of your visit. Please make sure to make a stop at Franchia, you won't regret.


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Located close to the Empire State Building the restaurant is just located within the best area as possible. Easy to access and just a few steps from the subway vegan café Franchia is serving "vegan perfection" on a plate.

The menu is changing during the day. I had the pleasure to try dishes from the lunch menu. I have truly never experienced such a wide food selection, with so many different influences and ingredients. As I'm a huge fan of sushi, I couldn't have been happier that the lunch menu was also featuring sushi, for me the best sushi ever.

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It might be not the most professional wording to express my experience but I truly admire this place. As I'm currently out of town, I just can't wait to be back next week in New York and eat out there again. My favorite sushi roll was the tempura roll, which featured tofu and avocado.

The menu is however also featuring fake chicken and tuna, which might be most interesting for people who are usually not into a vegan nutrition, as the taste is very similar to the original.

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Beside the sushi menu there are also gluten free options, so as various rice and noodle dishes. Another feature is the lunchbox menu for $12, which is definitely a good pricing, especially for New York this pricing is just phenomenal. The food which is served in the restaurant is all vegan, without any exception.

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My absolute highlight was the dessert. I'm honestly not into desserts at all, but the vegan cheesecake has been phenomenal. It is made of tofu and one won't believe the taste, it is just like "real" cheesecake, as I remember it from my non vegan times. I have to admit that cheesecake is my favorite cake. I'm really picky if it comes to that kind of cake but the one at Fanchia is definitely worth to jump on the plane. To make it a perfect food experience I definitely recommend having the ice cream for $3 on side.

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Yes, I said ice cream, and that has been the best ice-cream I was ever allowed to taste. My overall experience couldn't have been better. Just take my money, and feed me. I love this place!

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12 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016