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After being 3 months on travel, it was time to return home. I'm lucky, that I never get homesick, still I was so happy to be reunited with my friends for the 2 days I have been in Berlin, before heading to the next travels. I spontaneously decided to organize a welcome back party for myself, with the main focus to celebrate my friends, who have been supporting me with so much love during my travels..

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My editorial travel #JinUSA has been the longest and most intense travel in my entire life. With more than 30 flights I'm definitely ready for a holiday now - just joking. I was able to visit so many destinations and as you know from my articles and social media I took countless photos. I had so much fun and wanted to keep all my beautiful memories alive. The online photo printing service Cheerz was perfect for this idea. As I  wanted to prepare a special goodie for my friends and party guests I designed a Polaroid postcard for each of my guests, to not only keep the memories alive for myself, but also with my friends, who shared these memories with me trough my travels each day.

As selfies are so popular, ZTE supported us with a ZTE Blade V7, to take selfies and for unforgettable memories, to share.

zte blade v7

martini alkohol

martini bianco

As you know I also recently launched a huge editorial with MARTINI on my blog. A four part series with a giveaway took place on my blog to celebrate the new inspired MARTINI #AperitifMoment. As the party was just a perfect occasion for it I was very glad to be supported by MARTINI with some Bianco and MARTINI Rosso bottles. 

lov organic tea berlin

tee trinken gesund leben

lov organic

Who said tea is only suitable for cold temperatures? Løv Organic supplied me with some tea boxes and I was preparing some ice tea for my guests. I personally love Løv Organic, as the tea is already sweet through its natural ingredients. The sweet influence is basically coming from the fruits the tea includes and one doesn't need a sprinkle of sugar. The tea has been the perfect refreshment for all of my guests who do not enjoy drinking alcohol.

jules mumm summer raspberry mojito

jules mumm bottles

For some colorful and bubbly fun Jules Mumm also provided my party with some fresh and juice piccolos, to enjoy at the party. With the pink "raspberry mojito" bottles we celebrated summer, even if it was raining in between.

sierra tequila

sierra alkohol

Some of my friends were so happy to have me back in Berlin, they would actually have enjoyed throwing a party for me too. Sierra bottles, another sponsor that kindly supported my welcome back party made the party complete. All we "threw" was hats.

paloma lemonade

paloma gesunde lemonade

paloma pink grapefruit

The Sierra alcohol just perfectly matched with the Paloma Lemonade, which was also sponsored for the party. Some guest enjoyed to mix Sierra with the Paloma Lemonade or just have the lemonade, with its fresh and juicy flavor. What I like most about Paloma is, that it is without sugar and sweetened with agave syrup.

nu3 healthy food cooking party

falafel snack salad

vegan food

healthy cooking

I also received a special order by nu3 to prepare some healthy and vegan snacks. For the kick off of the new blog by nu3. I was kindly supported with some super foods to prepare healthy vegan snacks. 


There is no food without a drink. As all my food was healthy and vegan, it needed healthy drinks on side too. Lemonaid supported my party with a variety of their delicious flavors and some additional materials for an upcoming DIY.


I really had a wonderful day with my friends and a wonderful welcome back party. I'm leaving Berlin tomorrow with mixed feelings. I'm already happy to come back again. Thanks to everyone who attended the party and most of all I want to thank my sponsors for supporting my party:

Lemonaid & ChariTea

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