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Trough my travels in the USA I even had two stops in New York. New York has an unique appearance and one will always find one's way back to the big apple. Trough the fact that I spent already my fourth time over there, I had another week in the never sleeping city and the pleasure to make some new experience. For today's article I prepared 3 must to experience for New York..

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My first stop in New York was the Mandarin Oriental. As I had the pleasure to visit the hotel for its weekend brunch, I was also pleasured with a hotel tour. I was sadly under time pressure and haven't had time to spend much time at the hotel. However, through my tour I was lucky enough to discover the spa area, which is a true highlight. Not only from its facilities it is a must do activity, from my impression it was the view. As the check in starts already in the 35th floor this is for sure a "treatment with a view".

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New York is a jungle, with plenty of activities. It can be overwhelming to get an overview about all the activities and one probably wished for a partner and some advices. The Broadway Collection is one's partner trough the wide offer of entertainment and shows.

I would consider myself  lucky, as I was gifted with a ticket to the Blue Man Group Show. Thanks to the Broadway Collection I was finally able to discover a new "face" of New York. The Blue Man Group Show has been one of the best shows I was ever allowed to be a guest of. I was blown away by the dynamic team who totally surprised me and the other guests without any talking at all.

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The show was a magical experience with colors, laughs and thrilling situations. No show is like the other, as the guests are a necessary part of the entertainment program.

The jokes and the whole attitude is very casual and friendly. I felt so entertained trough the dynamic installations and the powerful teamwork of the artists.

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Especially the end of the show surprised me, as the Blue Man Group wrapped us guests in toilet paper, and ended the show with this weird but funny move. Thanks to the Broadway Collection for this unique and powerful show. As I'm often in New York and truly bored by the "standard" touristic program, I'm already thrilled to discover more of the shows. The Broadway Collection is perfect for everyone who wants to escape the "regular" New York activities.

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New York is well known for being "different". Different doesn't mean anything bad, different means in New York extreme. The best example might be "The Beast", a 30 minute boat tour in New York, which is more like a party boat or a party on a boat, however one might call it, it is an insane experience, combining fun, fear and a lot of water.

I discovered the tickets via Circle Line Cruises. Circle Line Cruises offers all type of cruises and has great discounts on tours, especially for groups and families.

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Different than the other cruises this tour doesn't last for hours and one will have the whole Big Apple experience with more speed and action. The whole "ride" is with extreme turns and sometimes I felt like as if I would fall out of the boat - the best boat cruise in my life, truly.

The water was rushing into the boat and all over me and the other guests as if we were placed in a fountain. This fun experience was truly the best one I could have wished for on my last day in New York.

Especially as it was summer, I felt super refreshed and it was so much fun to be just casual and feel free. The whole experience is even supported with loud music and hard beats. Definitely a party club on the boat.

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Blueman Group photos via The Broadway Collection
The Beast photos via Circle Line Cruises