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Trough my travel I also had a stop in Orlando. I have to admit that I skipped the part of discovering the city and spent my 3 days in Orlando Disney World..

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As I visited Disney land last year in Paris I was so thrilled to explore Disney in the USA. The USA is well known for doing everything "the bigger the better" -style and so it was. A crazy, fantastic once in a lifetime experience. There are some things in this world one never gets too old for and Disney is definitely one of it.

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My entire childhood was influenced by Disney. Starting with the movies and countless toys, continuing during my teenage years with TV episodes I could never ever have enough of the colorful and impressive Disney world, with its own magical feeling.

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As I was traveling on my own through the USA I truly spent more than 14 hours on my own in Disney world for a few days and it was more than worth it. I actually never wanted to leave, as it has been some of the biggest fun ever.

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Disney world offers its guest amazing installations, thrilling rides and the fun of one's life. With a total of 4 theme parks, one day is not enough at all and even two days, so as I spent it, is already very tight.

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Disneyworld offers so many activities and surprises to discover. Also the live performances and parades are a must attend experience while visiting the parks.

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The true highlight is of course the fire work and the light parade, so as the unique caste, which is an essential park of each Disney land and so also of Disney world. I can only give you a small overview of everything I discovered in the park, as it is basically too much but I can tell that visiting Disney world Orlando is definitely something everyone should do once in a lifetime. These memories last forever.

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