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Trough my travels in the USA I decided to also visit Boston. I haven't been to most of the cities in the USA before my trip and Boston has definitely been a pitch on my bucket list for a while. As the Mandarin Oriental is always based in interesting and unique hotspots, it was no surprise they are also having a property in Boston. During my visit in Boston I had the pleasure to set up a meeting and explore the property in Boston..

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I spent the entire day at the Mandarin Oriental Boston, which has definitely been a great experience for me as there was so much to discover. My day started about 9AM in the morning. I was invited to try the award winning spa.

The spa of a Mandarin Oriental is always a unique and calming place. It's not just a spa with a simple massage - it's an experience. Especially my treatment has been such an outstanding experience, as I was pampered with a facial with oxygen. The name of the treatment is "Revive Oxygen".

As I was coping with a bad sunburn in my face from my 3 week stay in Miami, I have to admit that I was already really excited for the treatment. My skin is even now, after one week, still as smooth as after the treatment. I can definitely recommend this treatment. As the sunlight is well known for skin aging the oxygen treatment is able to help the skin to recover. Also it is well know as a fountain of youth with an incredible immediate effect, which difference one will see and feel. Beside the Mandarin Oriental Boston is the only spa which is offering this treatment within the whole area.

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With a total space of 1.5000 m² the spa also features a very modern fitness center for staying guests. Also private trainers for fitness sessions are additionally able to be booked.

Beside the various treatments there's also the offer to use a steamed bath and sauna. After the treatment one is more than invited to calm down at the relaxing room, which also includes snacks and fruit infused water.

A true highlight is however the experience shower, which features different options to select of. My favorite has however been the tropical rain.

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After my relaxing spa treatment I had the pleasure to be invited to the bar Boloud, a French inspired cuisine in the lobby level. " French flair with Boston charm" perfectly summaries the bistro and wine bar, which is featuring a brasserie fare, so as seasonal New England dishes and signature charcuterie.

The interior of the restaurant has a very comfortable lounge feeling. It feels cozy and one feels warm and welcomed. My arrival has been very pleasant as I was just running into the restaurant manager, who shared all information with me.

The lightning and atmosphere in the restaurant is very welcoming and the huge seating areas featuring sofas, which will lead one to never want to leave again.

Beside the restaurant also offers wide spaces beside the huge windows, which are also featuring natural lightning.

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Beside Lunch and dinner, the Bar Boulud also features a brunch, which is offered every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3PM.

I visited the restaurant for lunch and was so happy to be provided with such a wonderful selection of very good and fresh food. The kitchen is French, with an American accent.

The lunch menu features however most of all French inspired dishes, which means a lot of fish and meat. Also the huge wine selection is worth to mention. The restaurant design is inspired by these cultural influences and one of the walls in the restaurant is covered in wine boxes only, which definitely impressed me. It was an interesting detail that already gave an assumption about the creativity that is also visible within the unique selection of dishes by kitchen chef Jonathan Kilroy.

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After an incredible lunch I had the pleasure to enjoy a hotel tour by the director of communication, who introduced me to the dynasty suite. The suite has a total of 2,600sqf and is made for a maximum of 4 persons. It features a high security system and is available from rates starting on USD 8000 per night. The suite is definitely all about luxury and covers all wishes one would probably ever have. 

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The Mandarin Oriental Boston is a beautiful and impressive house, with a fairytale a like lobby and fresh flowers. The hotel is centered in the 776 Boylston Street, just next to the Prudential towers. One will find all kind of shops within this glamorous centre. 

Moreover the hotel is located in the heart of an area that features most of the areas, which are also interested for tourists, so as the Boston Skywalk.