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Sometimes travels might be out of the schedule. I actually have been personally into this situation, as I was surprisingly in need to extend my stay in Las Vegas. I had the pleasure to discover the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas for one night , located on The Strip...

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My first get together with the Mandarin Oriental was on the first day of my arrival. I had the pleasure to enjoy the weekend brunch. Similar as in New York the brunch was selectable out if a a set menu.

The Mandarin Oriental is featuring a fresh sushi bar. As I'm vegan and gluten free I mostly stick to sushi, as it's a safe and healthy food with many vegan options. I was more than surprised when I was also offered to have a look in the vegan and gluten free menu, which offers an extremely huge selection.

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My brunch has been absolutely perfect and could not have been any better. Served in a Bentō box style I was spoiled with delicious vegan food, super healthy and just the way I like it. The size was simply perfect and the box included 6 different dishes, including vegan waffles.

Instead of just having water, I was introduced to a special green juice, which the restaurant is offering. In general it is very hard to have access to fresh and healthy food in the USA. However, the green just has just been what I needed, as I arrived the same morning from a 19 hour flight from New York to Las Vegas and the juice was the perfect energy kick for me.

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My room was located in the 18th floor and offered the same incredible view as I was overlooking it from the lobby. The room had the perfect size and offered everything one will need during a stay in Vegas.

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On the left hand side, a few more steps forward from the entrance, I was stepping into the bathroom. An additional feature and highlight has been the body scrub next to the bathtub. Since I was coping with dry skin during the weather conditions it was just perfectly what I needed. Another feature was definitely the mirror TV in the bathroom.

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The main room had a huge king size bed in the center of the room and a desk on the right hand side of the room. 

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Essential for the Mandarin Orientals hotels is definitely the spa. The Mandarin Orientals spas are part of the unique signature that is like a gift, given to each guest. I sadly haven't had the pleasure to enjoy a treatment at the Mandarin Oriental Spa in Las Vegas, but I was able to use the facilities of the spa from which is was overlooking The Strip.

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My absolute highlight about the hotel has however been the pool area. I think is one of the best hotel pools I have ever been introduced to. Not only the pool is featuring a Jacuzzi, so as separated pool islands.

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The stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotel was as always a magical experience. Also it is the only hotel on The Strip in Las Vegas which has a triple-5 star category in hotel, spa and restaurant - all more than deserved. The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas is definitely a must have luxury experience for everyone coming to Las Vegas.

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