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Travelling through the USA is super exciting. Every state is so different and during my travels I also had a stay in Washington D.C. . Beside the various sightseeing hotspots, I had to make sure to not miss the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where I was invited to stay at..

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Located by the seaside of Washington D.C., perfectly centered and in walking distance to most of the sightseeing hotspots one will find the Mandarin Oriental Washington D.C.. The house is always very busy, as D.C. is well known for business travelers. As the hotel promotes a very business and high standard inspired lifestyle, it is just perfectly tailored for business travelers and luxury travelers, who will find a calming shelter, after exploring the city and coming back from a long day of meetings.

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Just as in every of the Mandarin Oriental hotels, one will find a big spa area inside the hotel. The Mandarin Oriental spas are well known and valued by its guests and fans and always tempt to come back. The treatments and the therapists are more than professional and the treatments definitely enhance every travel. As one can probably assume, the spa is always very packed because of its great service so I can definitely recommend doing appointments in advantage.

My check in was easy and pleasant. As I was coping with a delayed flight the team has been even more caring and servicing me while my arrival. At the check in I received one of the cold towels and a cold water bottle, as the heat was terrible this day.

One of the lovely staff members escorted me to my room. The rooms have recently been renovated. A new feature is that there's no desk anymore but a round table with a seating area. The hotel recognized that most people are mostly on the go and won't use the desk anyway. To provide a smart and pleasant service the hotel removed the seldom used furniture item.

The room features a high tech TV system and several plugs, so as USB stations for easy charging. I can definitely give a positive feedback on this. Especially for international travelers it is always a little burden with the plugs. The USB stations are definitely simplifying this issue.

The room I had was featuring a king-size bed. As you can imagine it was a very calming and resting sleep for me. With different pillows to select of each guest is able to have the perfectly fitting pillow for a resting sleep and individual needs.

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As I was very tired and in a bad mood I decided it was the best to visit the spa area. Guest have access to a fully equipped fitness center and pool area. Moreover there is also the possibility to use the facilities of the spa area, which are featuring a sauna and a steamed bath. Beside guests will also be able to enjoy the experience showers, a very unique and, as I think, special feature which are featured within the Mandarin Oriental hotels.

After using the facilities I enjoyed some snacks at the relaxation room. The relaxation room is supplied with beds and blankets, so as magazines, water and tea.

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The restaurant "Muze" is well known for combining local produce combined with the distinctive flavors of South-East Asia . The menu is featuring Asian inspired dishes, so as sushi. I was definitely surprised of having a variety of vegan dishes on the menu too. I'm always looking for healthy and creative food combinations and was so happy to have many options, instead of the usual "plain salad". I also recommend the fresh juices, which were so delicious and definitely the perfect refreshment during the hot days in D.C.

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In the evening I enjoyed the Lounge of the Mandarin Oriental. It is an additional service, which guests can book for theirself or friends, when staying at the hotel. Once a year the lounge is renovated. I was very lucky, as it just reopened and so I had the chance to also discover this service during my stay.

The lounge is opened each day and features light meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so as snacks in-between. It is also a great escape from the room. Especially when staying with a family in the hotel one can find a little rest in-between and have some snacks on the go.


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My stay at the Mandarin Oriental was very unique. It was the first time that I was able to discover one of the lounges, which I really enjoyed. As on every stay with the Mandarin Oriental group I felt more than pampered and well treated. In general I think that the Asian vibe and the unique locations of the Mandarin Oriental hotels make each stay as perfect as possible. Each of the properties has an own signature and it was a pleasure for me to come back "home". I'm thrilled to discover more houses in future. 

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