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Las Vegas is a must do adventure. Once in a lifetime one should have the unique opportunity and make a travel to the one and only fabulous Las Vegas. Las Vegas is well known for its nightlife and gambling scenery, which basically takes place at The Strip. I had the honor to stay with the Hilton hotel Tropicana, located just by The Strip..

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The hotel Tropicana is a very modern and well centered hotel by the Hilton hotels, located at the south of The Strip. The white towers are hosting a total of 1467 rooms. The rooms still have the luxury and high quality standard of the "typical" Hilton hotel room, which I really valued. The king-size room I had was featuring a bathroom, bed and was really wide spaced.

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I was overlooking The Strip from my room, what has been, especially by night, an adventure for itself. Las Vegas is a colorful and lighted city, with countless possibilities and chances. I was honestly assuming that it would be a little noisy, through the location, but I haven't heard any loud by day or night.

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My bathroom was all covered in marble and had a very warm colour and atmosphere. Also it was featuring a bathtub, which has been a calming feature after a long day out in the city. It might be worth to mention, that Las Vegas has an incredibly dry and hot weather situation. With a total of up to 46°C a day it has been more than pleasuring to return to the room with a well organized climatic system.

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The room was also featuring a coffee machine and I was supplied with fresh coffee cups ever day. Even though I don't drink coffee I think it's a generous standard to supply the guests with this feature. What I was really happy about was a little gift basked in my room, including various nuts and other gourmet articles.

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The Tropicana hotel has a huge pool area, which opens early in the morning and closes by 7PM. The pool area is also having a bar, with complimentary water and an additional menu for special drinks and snacks. The variety is huge and on a decent pricing. A free towel service is included for guests of the hotel.

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Beside a pool area, there was also a spa in the hotel, "glow", a mandara spa. Inside of the spa guests are also allowed to access the gym for free. Moreover the gym is providing fresh fruits and fruit infused water. The gym is fully equipped with cardio and weigh stations for a wide selection, for each guests needs.

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It wouldn't be Vegas, it there was no casino, and of course the Tropicana hotel is having its own casino with slot machines and table games, of all kinds. For other entertainment there is also a free entertainment and performance show each night and on top the hotel is featuring comedian shows and other performances. Tickets for these shows are available in the hotel for an additional payment.

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Nothing lasts forever, but true love. The Tropicana Las Vegas is also having its own wedding chapels. I'm not sure if one will be married by someone who is dressed like Elvis, but I assume that being married in Vegas must be a lot of fun and a wild adventure.

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In general I was very surprised by the Tropicana hotel. I assumed it to be a pleasant stay, as the Hilton hotel is well known for its standard and its high quality. Combining so many different elements with each other was very impressive for me. The stay was pleasant, the rooms had a great size and the room rates are amazing, considering that guests will stay directly at The Strip and having easy access to all events and happenings within a small walking distance.

Also the staff offered a great service and I can hardly remember a time where someone was not opening the door for me (with a total of 1467 rooms!) . Whenever I had a matter or a question I had someone in the line or at the front desk to support me with my individual needs. Thanks to the Hilton hotels for this pleasant stay.