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For women hair is a really important matter. I felt so long that I wanted to have a change in my look. I wanted something more lively, something new - something me. Since July I wanted to do this change and now, finally, I made it. From the beginning on I wanted to work with the Danny Jelaca salon, located on South Beach Miami on this project and so I did..

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Last week I finally had the pleasure to be guest at the Danny Jelaca Salon and to have an appointment for color and cut. Probably no one could ever imagine the feeling of doing the final step, except of those who do and dare. Coloring my hair is kind of a passion. I always tried to find something more matching and to create my own look which is matching my personality.

At the Danny Jelaca salon I think I did so. I was warm welcomed at the salon and had a talk with my colorist Valeria Berancur, who is a rising star in topic color. She already made herself a big name and I was more than happy to have such a professional and well experienced colorist with me on this hair transformation.

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Valeria really helped me in finding a matching color and style. We decided for a balayaga. She loved the idea about to go blond, as my eyed would be highlighted trough the light color. Also facing the fact, that I got more tanned trough my travels, a "sun kissed" look is more suitable for me.

Valeria mixed the color and applied it to my hair. I was already so excited. Not only that the salon and Danny Jelaca is very well known, I was finally about to have my hair transformation, which I wanted for so long already.

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The whole salon is an impressive location and a heaven when it comes to hair. Every of the working stylists in the salon are well experienced with countless titles. If one wants to have their hair in the hands of the professionals there's no other and better place than at Danny Jelaca's.

Valeria confirmed every step with me and ensured that the final result would be as perfect as I wanted, without any unexpected turns. After washing out the color, the dried my hair and gave me an impression about the color, which I absolutely adored from the beginning on. 

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For those who followed my blog in the past, know that I was already struggling with blonde. I was blonde once, coming from an accident with homemade ombre. I was a little nervous to go bright again but it was worth the risk. 

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Julio Mayo did the final cut, to have the color and hair framing my face and eyes to underline each detail. He also styled my hair curly and helped me with my bangs. My hair looked absolutely perfect and even now it is still the same as after the hair transformation itself.

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I also had the glory to meet Danny Jelaca himself after the change. It was definitely worth to wait for the appointment. I loved everything about the salon. The service was amazing and I definitely recommend the Danny Jelaca Salon, which is located in Miami. It is the heaven of hair.

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