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Oh sweet delicious, Bunnie Cakes is a blessing for vegans living and visiting Miami. "The best cupcakes in town" is not a claim, the story is real. Miss Bunnie Cakes is a mom of 4 and will not only make your heart melt with her unique creations, moreover she will make you never want to leave Miami again, honestly - who can refuse a cupcake?

bunnie cakes vegan

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Sweet, delicious, glutenfree kosher and healthy, oh and did I say VEGAN!?

All the fancy and unbelievable creations at Bunnie Cakes cafe are vegan. Located in Wynwood, a more artistic district of Miami, one can find the pink small cafe with its sweet treats. The cafe is open every day of the week to fulfill vegan cake wishes. Who said it would be that hard to eat out on travels or eat vegan (sweets) at all. Definitely, Bunnie Cakes prove that these claims are false facts.

Bunnie Cakes is the only vegan, kosher and glutenfree bakery in Miami and also voted as the best cupcake in town. The cafe is constantly crowded and already delivered for Whole Foods. Each piece is created with love, visible through the detail-loved decorations.

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Bunnie Cakes was already founded in 2009. With features in Miami New Times Magazine and various other publications more and more people became aware of the sweet treats, which are not only cup cakes, but also cakes, brownies, cookies and other baked goods.

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After trying the six mini cup cakes at the Bunnie Cake Cafe, served by the lovely owner of Bunnie Cakes herself, me and my mom knew, we needed to have more. I always take care about my nutrition and ingredients. When it comes to my food I'm very picky, not only in taste but in quality. 

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I have to admit, that I even struggled in taking the photos first, which was a good "excuse" to order more cupcakes after the small half dozen we had already. Bunnie Cakes is a must have for sweet tooth, health gurus and everyone who loves good food and vegan treats. Definitely a place to go more than once.

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