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Day one of Panama has started and I feel most of energized. The last hours have been so fascinating for me. After an early breakfast we had a transfer to the Miraflores visitor center, which is located by the Panama Canal. We started our travel with the Panama tourism Board just yesterday..

hilton hotel panama luxury travel
We checked in at the Hilton Hotel, which is a wonderful place with an amazing view. We stayed at the 15th floor and had a wonderful suite. The Panama Tourism Board just really spoiled us. On top we had a lovely dinner and enjoyed the spa area so as the casino which is inside the hotel, we even won something, I mean except of experience.

miraflores visitor center

Today we visited Panama Canal, which was the main attraction I was introduced with. After a probably too long photo session of mine at the Panama Canal we made it to lunch.

panama canal sight seeing

Panama Canal is one of the great achievements of the Panamanian people and a cultural and historical hotspot for history interested and fascinated people. It gives a great reflection of the transport and business system. The Panama Canal is daily accessible for its visitors, by public transport and touristic busses. It is a very popular place for visitors to Panama with a wide view.

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panama old town church

After lunch we had a walking tour at Casco, which was another great spot to take photos at. Basically it was very inspiring to see also these churches and plazas from centuries ago. I just got another perspective of Panama itself trough this tour. Casco brings together the historic Panama town and Panama City as people know it today. It used to be the center of Panama while it's now the old city and became more a luxury quarter of Panama.

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It is popular for nightlife, boutique hotels and smaller shops, so as coffee and restaurants. It has wide sidewalks for tourists to visit and many places to get down and is being able to connect to the community.

traditional food panama

After a long day out in the colonial city and Panama Canal I was finally able to calm down with a lovely dinner again. Eating vegan on travels isn't easy but through the great organization of the tourism board it got at least easier to find cool and inspiring spots.

panama colonial city

After dinner I got back to my room, to finish writing another blog post. Tomorrow we are already flying to another city over here in Panama which means a very early check out from the hotel. I'm already excited for the next day(s) and new adventures.

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