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Today I'm taking you guys back on my travel to Panama. I still have a few remaining travel reviews about my experiences in Panama with which I follow up today..

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On our third day with the tourism board we had our first flight. After a 50 minute flight with air Panama we already arrived at David, a beautiful place with a huge natural landscape.

Our main spot has been a coffee farm that we visited early in the morning. Panama has a deep coffee culture which is a leading business. Beside a tour through the coffee land scapes, we also had a coffee tasting and a lunch at the coffee farm, with an amazing view.

The coffee farm is located really high and we had an overlook on the volcano. I can highly recommend the coffee farm for coffee lovers. The farm has also a hotel for guests to stay.

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After the coffee farm visit we've been about to discover the hills and the natural untouched landscape of this area in Panama. A true highlight has been a waterfall, which is definitely a unique photo location.

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In the evening we went back to the hotel for dinner and had a rest, as we were already about to fly back to Panama City in the morning.

After our arrival at the airport we straight made it to a very special appointment. We visited the rainforest. Through a Gatun Lake Expedition Tour we saw so impressive sceneries and got a unique look into Panamanian nature. The monkey island has been one of those parts too.

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 On the next day we had another flight. This time we made it to Bocas, which is the Caribbean coast side of Panama, including small islands in the middle of the ocean. We spent most of the day on the boat and discovered everything around. The clear water really made me never want to leave again. It was a paradise I was just driving through the ocean in a little nowhere and my heart was melting.

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Sadly we only spent one day at beautiful Bocas. However we made it back to Panama City, just right in time for fashion week. We visited a show with designer Helen Breebbaart, who used to work for Dior and moved from France to Panama many decades ago. We also visited her days before in her atelier where she warmly welcomed us. It was a true pleasure to meet her again and to have an insight in the shows with her.

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The days in Panama have been so fascinating for me. I feel so glad that I had this unique opportunity to discover yet another country and to get insight another culture. Panama is definitely a place to go for everyone, as it has so many "faces".