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I just arrived back in Berlin. I'm already packing my suitcases again but first of all I want to take you back on my travel to Panama. I arrived a little ahead of the tough schedule with the tourism board and also had the chance to discover some of the hotels in Panama. One was the Grace Panama..

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I had a fantastic time in Panama. I was really happy to stay with Grace Panama, as the hotel group is an international well known hotel company, which is promoting a great service and hospitality in many countries all over the world.

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The Grace Panama is a small luxury hotel, located in the center of Panama. Furnitured with a huge terrace, including a pool in the higher levels, guests will be able to enjoy a view above the Panamanian skyline, which is an impressive spectacle.

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After the long flight to Panama I simply couldn't wait to arrive at the hotel and have a rest. A unique tradition of the Grace Panama is to welcome each guest with a complimentary glass of champagne or water. The staff was immediately helpful to guide us with our luggage to the room. The check in was smooth and the staff spoke proper English, which is often an issue within Latin America.


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Our room was extremely big, featuring a kind of a balcony. More comparable with the sky deck in Chicago, but extremely impressive and providing an unbelievable view, especially by night. I also had a small shooting at this place, as it was extremely beautiful with the golden glass reflections and the urban background of all the skyscrapers in the back.

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On our first evening we also went downstairs to the lobby level, where the hotel owned restaurant is located. I was so happy as my vegan nutrition and food restrictions haven't been a matter for the kitchen. The food arrived very fast. I personally adored the fresh tomato soup. I like my dishes minimalistic and easy, with natural and high quality ingredients, which was enjoyable with every spoon. For the main dish I had a vegan risotto.


As it was already very late in the evening we went upstairs back to the room for a few hours of sleep. Each of us had their own bed. The hotel is offering a menu of pillows to decide of. The bed is full with pillows and it fell asleep immediately. When I woke up the next morning I was still in a jetlag but felt much more relieved.

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The first and best thing I could have thought about was breakfast. I have to add a note to this, as the breakfast was more struggling for me as a vegan, still, for vegetarians there has been a bigger selection. I ended up with fresh fruits which was suitable for me, too. The breakfast also covers an additional omelet station, which is a complimentary feature.

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I truly wish I had a longer stay at the Grace Panama Hotel. It is definitely a good place to stay with a decent pricing and a lot of comfort.

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