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Today is the first November, the birthday of Lenovo. For many, many years I have been a fan and follower of Lenovo. Lenovo basically changed my way to work and explore the world during my travels with their products. This article is dedicated to my friends from Lenovo, thanks for making products for those who do..

You guys have probably seen, that I also travelled with Lenovo in the past. I have been part of Lenovo Techworld, since it was founded. I feel so happy and honored to be able to support this company with all my heart and social power. Lenovo is a true game changer. The products are most impressive and make the daily struggles so much easier.

lenovo yoga laptop travel

I also shot a commercial in the past, which is presenting the way I work with Lenovo products. A device I still love to the moon and back is my Lenovo Yoga laptop. It was my first own laptop and follows me on every travel, no matter where I go or for how long.

Dear Lenovo, I wish you a wonderful happy birthday. Thanks for gifting the world with all your wonderful devices and outstanding technology.