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In between all my giveaway postings I finally wanted to come up with a new outfit post, as some of you were craving for new 'fashionable' content. Today I'm sharing a very feminine and classic look, as it was my birthday last week..

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I usually do not celebrate my birthday, so as this time. I actually forget about my age most of the time, coming by the fact that I didn't celebrate my birthday for the past five years. To be honest, I do not miss it. Actually my birthday is just as special as every other day of the year.

I was shooting this look on Sunday for the opening of the barn in Kranzlereck at Berlin Kudamm. It was coincident that my dress was just perfectly matching for the occasion. I just wanted to shoot my new dress that I got sent by closet London.

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I was allowed to pick a dress from the shop, but sadly it didn't arrive before my trip to Panama and so it was placed on my desk for a few weeks, before I returned. I was very happy to discover my order and couldn't wait to wear it.

However cold the weather might be, I just wanted to find a nice location to shoot the dress and share it with you guys, at luckily it was just the perfect timing with the opening event of the barn last Sunday.

I honestly felt like a little princess, as everyone was staring at me. I think it was not only because of the dress but also because of the cold temperatures that day. 

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The dress has a wonderful and feminine cut and I love the off shoulder detail. I just wish it was summer, as I would love to wear that dress more often these days. Maybe it will have a great revival within the Christmas holidays.

My bag is a little more playful and less classic, however I think the bogner cap bag makes a great match with the blue white stripes and gives the whole look a less tight touch.

I'm also wearing my new Jane Konig necklace that I designed online, as a perfect treat for myself. I totally adore simple but high quality accessories. While I was absolutely obsessed with statement accessories in my teenage years, I must admit that I grew up to little to no accessories. I wouldn't say it's because of being lazy but more because of the fact that I started to feel more attracted to simple designs and quality instead of quantity.

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The last piece of this outfit is one of my favorites and an oldie, but as we know, even the oldies are known for being gold. These are some of my first ever 'heels' I owned. I shopped them once with my daddy. Everyone around was really scared of having a young women like me wearing 7cm heels. 

While I still own a pair of 21cm heels I rather stick to the classical beginnings and keep wearing these pumps, which probably have already a vintage flair with almost one decade in age.

Again, I hope you liked my look. Thanks for all your happy birthday wishes and hugs to all of you reading this article and supporting my blog. The only thing I would celebrate are my lovely readers for make it like a birthday every day. You guys might want to check out the song 'birthday' by Katy Perry, which is giving a sweet taste of a birthday celebration every day.