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You wouldn't believe how badly I crave for summer and high temperatures. I never, ever used to be the kind of girl who liked autumn or winter. I always fell for the beach days and the tanned skin. While I still looked tanned I however miss the hot temperatures..

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While I'm still dreaming about my next summer adventures and travels I decided to style my first summer inspired look to already have a clue what to wear when it's finally warmer outside.

I'm wearing a new piece of my wardrobe. When I presented you my birthday look, I also shared a big blue dress from Closet London with you guys. This skirt is also from the brand and makes a great statement with its bright pink color.

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I do not often go for these 'feminine' colors but I wanted t give it a try. To be honest I was really surprised about the style itself which I got up with in the end. When I ordered the skirt I supposed it so be a little different and was clueless within the first days how I want or even could style the skirt to make it matching with my style.

When I started styling it I knew that I would end up with a summer style. It is just so perfect for the summer or even spring seasons, when everyone is showing off some more color than they would in winter season.

Matching for the summer season I'm wearing golden sandals. In order to not over style the look I decided that the blouse should be a basic. The colors within this look are very intense and to keep a feminine but not to 'dressed" look I wanted to keep it a little more simple with this piece.

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My bag is, compared to the blouse, a little more up styled again. I actually shopped this bag for my best friend's wedding but decided for an other bag in the end. I really liked the colors of the bag, as it's combing a golden metallic look with some colors, which are also visible within the entire look. I'm so ready for summer right now and can't wait to wear this look.

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