Hello everyone. I'm really sorry for that my postings haven't been that frequently during the last days. I was working a lot on a new look for the webpage and it took me a lot of time to move on with all the codes and changes..

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micro bag

However, Monday is a fresh start and I'm happy that every one of you has been so patient with me. It was already a little more than one week ago, since I visited fashion week, but I still have content from it, coming from the fact that I was distracted.

I will finally have a new travel within the next few weeks and also work every day on a new travel schedule and many upcoming appointments, so as ITB. There is a lot of office work to finish right now and sometimes I wish the day would have more hours, as I urgently need more time.

fashion model fashion week berlin

it piece necklace

This look was actually my favorite style during Berlin fashion week. Even with the shoes it was one of the most comfortable ones. A highlight is definitely the neon colored jacket that looks like a highlighter itself.

Closet London sent me some pieces for fashion week that I was allowed to wear for the shows. One of them was the blouse, which builds an amazing contrast between the bright jacket.

To make the look not to overdressed, I decided to style a simple white pair of trousers, which are also from the brand closet London. I like the detailed flare the most, as it is so oversized.

closet london style cutout

make up cat eye

Also the blouse is flared and becomes a true eye catcher trough the cutouts. In addition to the blouse I decided for an it piece necklace. Even though it's size it's a relatively modest one as the necklace is matching with the colors of the blouse.

blouse fashion style

My shoes and bags are simple black items. Trough the variety of colors it was definitely the best idea to add a little of black, as black is such a basic to wear. The shoes per example are old vintage items of fine that I own at least for 6 years or something and I still like them a lot.

I think this look is perfect for any occasion. What I have learned the most about my style and fashion in general is to stay true and honest to yourself. I used to have no identity when it comes to style and found my own "way" within the past years. I really feel and mean what I wear and that is the most important thing about fashion.

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