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Hola. Tired but happy I arrived in Barcelona for MWC with Lenovo. I´ve been excited to be part of this project and to be able to attend the launch and product presentations of Motorola, which is part of the Lenovo company..

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As a traveler and person who lives out of a suitcase and who is always on the go, mobile devices are part of my life and have a huge impact on me. It is a way of working but also staying connected and having fun. Nowadays mobile devices became more attractive and people spent more time on using them.

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Since I have been introduced to Motorola with a Motorola X device, I´ve been following the new launches and product presentations. Trough Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco I´ve been fallen for the Moto Z, which is not only an eyecatcher but a device that will allow one to transform it in whatever one would possibly want. 

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At the Lenovo event in the W hotel in Barcelona people from all over the world came together to be part of the presentation of the new launches of Moto products, together with us Lenovo IN members and global media.

The Moto Z is a perfect lifestyle product that fits individual personalities and interests. The idea to transform one’s device with only one "click" while adding a case was already amazing.

Sharing the quote "different is better" that idea perfectly came to life with the Moto Z, which was also a loved device at CES and featured in countless articles of the press, which obviously loves the device and people from lifestyle and the general tech-fans.

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One of the new launches is a charging adapter, a wireless charging and new power pack available in March. Moreover, the turbo charger was launched which provides an 8 hour battery charge in only 15 minutes.

A true highlight is the game pad, which supports a great sound and will transform one’s moto in a perfect game buddy.

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So many new add ons for Moto will launch. While one will be able to print photos with the phone, transform it into a tablet and create a mobile sound box, also VR will be able.

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The brand-new devices are the moto g5 and moto g5 plus. The Moto G comes with a refined metal design, all-day battery life and a fast-focusing camera for storytelling photos. It also has an aluminum finish which gives an elegant look. Also, it has a good fit and is extremely handy to use. I´ll be sharing more information on this device and the trip with Lenovo to MWC soon with you, for now stay tuned and enjoy the quick video capture.

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I´m already excited to join more activities during MWC and keep you updated in my next articles and videos. PS: All photos were taken with the Moto Z play and the Hasselblad add on.

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