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As I already told you in my post from yesterday I still got a lot of content for my trip to Switzerland. It was my first travel to Switzerland and my first stop was in Davos. It's truly amazing to visit Switzerland and its beautiful landscapes. Davos is a must have destination on your trip to Switzerland and I will tell you guys in this article why there is so..

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First of all, for everyone who's never been to Switzerland before, like me, Davos will blow your mind. With it's untouched beauty and access to the mountains one will not forget about this trip. I travel a lot and I spent most of the time abroad, but never I've ever seen something like Davos. Also, Zürich and Geneva were beautiful but not as impressive as Davos.

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Davos is a small Valley almost a three-hour trip by train. I used to be a little bit annoyed by having a three-hour trip from Zürich, but when I was on the train and saw all the landscapes I drove through, my opinion completely changed. I've never had such a good time by taking the train. I was just watching the landscapes. The quote “winter wonderland” it's not even coming close to this view. Watching the snowy mountains and the trees all covered with snow made my heart melting.

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When I arrived at the Davos train station it was easy to get to my hotel, the HiltonGarden Inn. Davos is Full of luxury hotels and beautiful hostilities. Even though it's only a small valley it has a lot to offer. The public transport is focused on busses and it's easy to get around. At the Hilton Garden Inn I even received a card which allowed me to take the busses for free.

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The main season to go to Davos is winter. Someone told me that there are like three times more people in town during winter, compared to summer. The Parsenn Bahn is always the most crowded station by taking the bus. All the winter sport people will exit over there. Even I, while not doing the skiing part, used the Parsenn Bahn to drive up the mountains. I basically just took the cable cars and enjoyed the view above the mountains. 

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Of course, there is more to do in Davos beside winter sports. One can also explore the landscape around while there are perfect ways for hiking for beginners and people who are regularly on hiking tours. Also, there is a variety things to do all available for booking and most special one will find an Iglu Village in the mountains.

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As Davos is only a small valley it's easy to walk through the streets. There's also a lot of possibility for shopping, especially in sports and of course food. One will also spot many supermarkets and small shops for souvenirs. 

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For food I can totally recommend the Café Kaffee Klatsch. I fell in love with this place and spend so many hours over there. All the served food is fresh and super tasty. Especially for sweet tooth there are many different cakes, so as 28 different coffee types. The Café Kaffee Klatsch is my personal must do hotspot in Davos.

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For staying in a hotel, I couldn't have been happier with the Hilton Garden Inn which is perfectly centered and has direct connection to bus lines. It has a restaurant and an open kitchen to use for guests. Also, it is in near to the train station and the main city center. 

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I can just recommend to everyone to visit Davos. The view, the offers and everything to do around is something you'll never forget. I'm excited and already thought about to come back in summer.

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