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I have been excited to visit the GOLDUST beauty lounge in Canggu area, in Bali. I have seen various reviews about the beauty lounge before my trip to Bali and since Canggu is a great area to explore, I decided to combine both interests and spent a day in Canggu area, while I discovered the beauty lounge in the morning..

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As the name already says, GOLDUST beauty lounge is all about GOLD. It is supposed to tailor an unforgettable and unique spa experience. Having a 24K GOLD mask is clearly not a daily pampering ritual, so definitely I was thrilled to feel the GOLD(en) experience myself.

The products being used by GOLDUST are all focusing on 100% natural skin and body care with professional and friendly, trained staff. If you guys look on their website you will get a guess on how the vibe is inside the beauty lounge. One will feel super leaned back and calmed.

“GOLDUST will take all possible care – however we will not be responsible for any side effects i.e. happiness, extreme relaxation and feeling like GOLD.”

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GOLDUST beauty lounge also offers parties, packages and probably most exciting they do also do bridal showers. Inside the store one will find a selection of fashion, so as jewelry and beauty products.

The lounge is just closely linked to the beach, which will give one the “golden” feeling. The Treatments are however not only based on facias, why the 24K GOLD mask is still their signature treatment. Also massages are offered, starting from 60 minutes and a princing of 40.000 RP, which is according to 17€.

The 24K GOLD facial is supposed to be an anti-aging treatment and the ultimately pampering. The special treatment is a 90-minute session for 1.450.000 RP, which is according to 97€.

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The GOLDUST beauty lounfe has a total of two floors. The lower floor is the shop and entrance area, which also offers a seating area, where guests can enjoy a tea and fill out a form for the treatment. The therapist will come downstairs for the pickup and guide the guest upstairs.

On the second floor, the lounge guests will find various treatment rooms, so as a main seating area for smaller treatments. I enjoyed a Stress Buster Treatment as well, which includes a hot stone massage and focuses on various parts of the body, it´s a deep pressure to massage and has the focus on relieving tensions, especially in view on trigger points. The stress buster will be done in the lounge on the upper floor. After a 60-minute stress buster treatment I was more than ready for the 24K GOLD facial.

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The 24K GOLD facial included various steps. It is a 90-minute treatment routine, which includes a deep cleansing, followed by the GOLD leaves being places on the skin. The GOLD is placed on the skin, which is moisture with a toner and some lotion to out the GOLD on which is pressed on some paper. The GOLD layer is very thin and it takes some time to apply the GOLD on the face. However, the whole treatment is very relaxing and has an on-time effect, I could see an improvement after the treatment, that´s for sure.

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The GOLDUST BEAUTY LOUNGE is a treat place to visit in Bali, doesn’t matter if for the GOLD facial, the body treatments or for some beauty shopping. Canggu area, is as mentioned before, a wonderful place to go for eating and to discover the beach. The GOLDUST beauty lounge in located very central in the area, with easy walking distance in all directions.

Thanks again to everyone at GOLDUST beauty lounge for some amazing treatments.  I will make sure to come back on my next Bali trip and try some of the other treatments as well. I can highly recommend GOLDUST as the best day spa in Canggu. 

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Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.66, Canggu, Kuta Utara, 
Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351