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The Fairmont hotel in Singapore is an absolute hotspot in the heart of the city center. Located just on the opposite of the legendary Raffles hotel, one will find the luxury getaway. I had the pleasure to stay one night at the Fairmont Singapore hotel, to get an experience for you guys to share..

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Singapore is a melting pot and an incredible Asian country and city in view on business and mix of cultures and contrasts. It is a historic city, as well as a modern urban jungle with luxurious extensions and an international influences society.

The Fairmont hotel is a perfect getaway in Singapore for luxury minded travelers who want to have both – the city atmosphere and the resort to take a break. Since Singapore is a business district is self the Fairmont hotel is also a wonderful place to have meetings or take a break after shopping. The hotel itself is directly linked to a huge shopping mall with countless shops and food spots. The Fairmont hotel offers also various restaurants within the main building and its two towers, the north and south tower.

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I had a beautiful l suite, located in the north tower, in the upper floors with a view on the always busy Singapore itself. I totally fell in love with my suite. The Suite was one huge room, which included a beauty table to get ready, just as I have one at my apartment in Germany, a bed and sleeping area, so as a couch and entertainment area, which was just linked to a desk. My room also had two balconies which were accessible through the room.

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In the main entrance, next to the door I found myself in a wide spaces bathroom and a wardrobe. The bathroom was comparable with a luxury spa. All covered in white and black marble it was probably the picture-perfect bathroom that we all which to our homes as well.

The Fairmont Singapore hotel features a total of 769 guestrooms, which of course feature different kind of room types and suite, up to penthouse suites. The rooms are all equipped with exclusive amenities of the New York perfumer le labor.

Guest will also have to possibility to use the spa facilities, even without having a treatment. The hotel offers also a 24-hour gym, which is mostly focused on cardio devices. The spa areas for jacuzzi and whirlpool are all separated by gender.

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A huge benefit about the Fairmont hotel is the complimentary executive club, which offers numerous benefits, so as business wife free of charge, up to free nights. During my stay, I took the advantaged and signed up for the executive club as well, which was easy, as I only needed to sign a document.

The highlight about the hotel was however the pool area, which also offered fresh coconut for sale. The pool and the spa are linked with each other and easy accessible through a staircase from spa to pool and the other way around.

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Beside the very detailed and luxurious rooms also the lobby area is an inspirational place to get together. It is colorful as well combining art and luxury. I guess a true highlight and a favorite to take a photo of is the bubble installation on the ceiling. Also, the lobby area is all furnished with couches, armchairs and super-sized paintings.

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In the evening, I loved to get back to my room and take a bath in the marbled bathtub, which was my perfect ritual after a long walk through the city. Since the hotel is in such a perfect situated location I decided to walk all day through Singapore, instead of taking the bus. On that one day only I walked a total distance of more than 15km in total. Since I´m a young woman travelling on my own I get often asked if I feel safe travelling through big cities and being out on my own. I can tell sometimes I do indeed have mixed feelings on that but the area around the Fairmont hotel I felt more than safe. 

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After a calming break in the huge bed of my suite I was ready for breakfast the next day. The breakfast buffet of the Fairmont hotel offers multiple chose and stations of fresh prepared food and buffet. It also included a soup and noodle station, so as fresh fruits and an own area for gluten-free options. I could go on like this forever, but I guess at this point it gets very clear that the breakfast at the Fairmont hotel offers everything needed or requested. A dream come true for food lovers like me.

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After having breakfast, it was already time to get ready for the check out. I had a very comfortable but also short stay, which I still enjoyed. Especially the small details make a hotel fell like home. The small details like the cosmetic table with a mirror and even a light system gave me a feeling of being home again. I think most important about a hotel is to make one feel comfortable. The service and these details make the difference that makes one´s trip unforgettable.

After requesting someone to help me with the luggage I went down to the lobby and stored my luggage for a few hours to enjoy the area for a while more. The check in so as the checkout were both very smooth. I felt sad to leave the Fairmont hotel but I hope to know myself back some day again.

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