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Since I totally fell for Singapore I spontaneously decided to even extend my stay for one more night. I was very happy to be invited for a stay by The Grand MercureRoxy Singapore hotel, which is the perfect hotel for people having a short layover in Singapore and to explore the city..

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The hotel is located in the historical area named Katong and a little bit apart from the buzz of the city. It is the perfect place to stay when travelling between the airport and the city, since both spots are only about 15 minutes in distance with a car and the hotel offers a free shuttle. But also, the area around the hotel offers lush views of Singapore. Especially with a short distance to the botanic gardens this hotel is offering a perfect stay for a weekend getaway for foreigners and people within Asia.

The hotel also offers a direct connection to a shopping center, as the two buildings are linked with eachother, and the Grand Mercure Roxy hotel is also surrounded by plenty of local sights and restaurants. The area is very local and will guide you through the secret districts and insider spots of the urban Singapore.

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The Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore is a huge hotel with a total of 576 guest rooms and suites, with a size starting from 21m2 up to 54m2, within the business suite. An additional service of the hotel is the executive lounge up in the 17th floor, which offers daily snacks, breakfast and a light dinner, so as access to a business center, a liberty and private check in and check out. The lounge also offers an adorable view on the city and skyline of Singapore and of course on the beach, which is only a 15-minute walking distance away.

Also guest who will stay at the standard guest rooms will enjoy the great facilities and services of the hotel. A true highlight of the hotel is the significant pool which offers daybeds and a great cool down of the hot temperature. The design is very modern and a visit by the pool should must do for each guest through the stay at the Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore hotel.

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Also for families travelling to Singapore the hotel will be a great shelter out of the urban jungle which is offering all the service on a budget. Traveling with family can be expensive and quiet stressful, that’s why the Grand Mercure Roxy also offers in-room massages and even babysitting service, so as free high-speed access to the internet and a 24-hour fitness center. Trust me when I say, a workout is the best relieve of a jetlag.

In terms of food the hotels offer a wide range of selections. There is a total of three restaurants located within the hotel. Especially for people craving for Chinese food also these cravings will be solved at the Grand Mercure Roxy, more specific at the Chinese restaurant named “JIA WEI” which is in the second floor of the hotel. Not only the food but more than that the interior is typically Chinese with dishes to share and a small plate in the middle of the table to spin.

I personally loved the tofu and the fried eggplant dishes. For dessert I had a vegan coconut ice cream, which has been extremely delicious. One has to know that I love coconuts as there is nothing more refreshing in my point of view. Also the arrangement of the food was very pretty and worth a photo of one´s trip to Singapore.

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Breakfast and a buffet is served on the third floor of the hotel in the FEAST@EAST BUFFET RESTAURANT. The restaurant offers a selection of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian kitchen, so as Peranakan admits contemporary Asian design.

Also by the pool side guest will enjoy snacks in the swimming pool area at Breeze Bistro and bar, which is offering a comfortable lounge atmosphere and the perfect spot after a night swim.

The breakfast of the hotel is, as already mentioned, served at the FEAST@EAST BUFFET RESURANT and offers a wide selection of all kind of foods which is suitable for vegans and gluten free diets as well. Also during Ramadan there is breakfast offered according the times of fasting.

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I was totally obsessed with my room in the 13th floor, which was separated into two rooms, one was a living room with an accessible kitchen, including microwave and a coffee machine, so as a couch and an entertainment system, as well as a desk.

The second room was a bed room which was connected to the bath room. What I adored most about my room was the window between the bathroom and the bedroom. I loved this detail which is an excellent feature of the room and a highlight in design.

When I arrived at the room I was pampered with a selection of sweets and a few smaller gifts, so as a magnet of the Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy, which will remain a great memory after my trip back home.

As I only had a rush stay at the hotel for a total of one night I was totally committed to enjoy it to the fullest. In the evening, I went to the bath tub and deeply enjoyed a hot bath with my favorite music in the background. Also, my room was not only supplied with a bath tub, I also had an additional shower.

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I was very happy that I had a handy device in my room of the Grand Mercure Roxy hotel. I already mentioned it in previous posts but handy devices are simply the best for travelers and the best offered service that a hotel can provide to their guests. Handy devices offer unlimited calls, internet connection and a phone number to be contacted by. Some of the handy devices even give a hotspot.

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After getting some work done in the room for upcoming postings, I decided to go back to the lounge area. Since the lounge in the 17th floor offers a buffet only it was a little tricky for me to find suitable food for my kind of special diet restrictions. The staff was more than helpful and arranged suitable food for me, all of that without a charge.

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After having breakfast in the morning on the 3rd floor I went once more to the business center to print some very important documents for my travels ahead, since I missed to bring some documents when I started my travel. The business center is equipped with a Mac PC and a print station, all free of charge.

After finishing all the important matters, I ordered a tea at the lounge and took a seat at the wide window seats and simply enjoyed the view. My stay with the Grand Mercure Roxy hotel has been so pleasant and enjoyable. I was served by the great staff, which is committed to make the most out of each stay. No matter what time I called the front desk I was always connected to a pleasant and motivated member of the staff. The lobby offers multiple counters for a quick check in and check out, so as a single spot of the concierge.

Probably one of the best features about this hotel is the complimentary airport transfer which is running from 10AM up to 12PM and every hour, also on weekends and public holidays. There are also different routes for the scheduled shuttles but the hotel staff is more than happy to assist with this kind of requests by any time.

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I´m planning to come back to Singapore within this year and I will plan a stay at the Grand Mercure Roxy hotel again. The service, so as the pricing were amazing. Prices start from 37€-154€, which is extremely affordable for Singapore. Could there be anything else to ask for?

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The hotel opened already in year 2000 and still offers a modern look through all levels of the hotel. I also enjoyed the Chinese influence within the hotel, becoming more obvious throughout the Chinese decorations which were by the way all different from each other in each floor.

One must know that Singapore is all influenced by Chinese, Indian and Asian culture, which makes the city so interesting and a true melting pot itself. It is so exciting to stay at a hotel which all combines these details. Thanks to the Grand Mercure Roxy for this unique stay and see you soon.