Within the first days of my arrival in Bali I had the pleasure to discover the Mövenpick Resort&Spa in Jimbaran area. I was very impressed by the overlook of the hotel and already ahead of my flight to Bali I was more than excited to visit the newly opened hotel, which just launched in January..

hotel lobby bali mövenpick resort

Jimbaran area is a less touristic area, which is not too crowded or noisy, so it is a perfect location for a resort like the Mövenpick Resort&Spa Jimbaran, to offer a quiet shelter and a relaxing holiday to its guests. The Mövenpick Jimbaran is a 5-star resort, which will change your imagination of luxury and interior and will definitely higher your expectations for the upcoming holiday trip, as this hotel is a true art piece.

Trying to give you an overview about this resort, I will try to start with a description of the huge lobby, which has various counters for a fast check in and check out. Also, guests will find the Katha Lounge on the left side of the lobby area and a wide spaced outdoor area which is overlooking the huge pool lagoon, featuring a total of 5 pools in total, including kid’s pools and a slide. Also, there is a bar, inside the pool and a beach designed area by the pool, including sand.

mövenpick cafe

The hotel is focused on a family lifestyle, while it also covers villas and separated rooms for couples or honeymoons, but also, I as a solo traveler felt very comfortable at the hotel. While there is still a lot of families travelling to the resort, there is no need for fear in terms of sound. The hotel offers a perfectly tailored solution for families, since there are specific areas for the kids and a kind of kid’s club with a baby-sitting service as well. So, both, parents and kids can make the most out of their holiday and have their own space.

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The Mövenpick Resort &Spa Jimbaran Bali offers their guests  a total of 297 rooms and suites on eight floors in total. The whole hotel is offering free WIFI in every area. Guest will be supplied with a complimentary mini bar and an LED flat screen television in each room. Also, there is a terrace offered to every room. I personally enjoyed interior details, especially the connection between bathroom and the main room impressed me a lot in terms of interior and architecture.

jimbaran mövenpick bali hotel review

For the more into business orientated travelers, there is also a wide desk for storing but also working. The main center of the room is a luxurious king-size bed. The bathroom features a shower and bathtub, which is a great idea after a long day at the pool or the linked shopping village around the hotel, offering various food and shopping options. A highlight for me was the balcony, which is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. The balcony is furniture with a table and chairs as well.

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As I was already giving a slight preview on it, the pool of the resort is definitely a masterpiece itself. Not only it includes about 5 pools and a slide, it also features multiple seating areas and cabanas. Also good to know is that the Mövenpick Resort&Spa Jimbaran refuses to use chlorine for the pool. Instead of chlorine the hotel uses salt.

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If one is rater the person who wants to discover the beaches, also that won’t be a matter at all. The resort is just a few hundred meters in distance from the local Jimbaran beach, which offeres a beautiful setting and a soft sand beach. The Mövenpick Jimbaran also offers a complimentary beach service for inhouse guests, which includes a beach bag and water bottles.

jimbaran beach

One will also be able to enjoy massages by the cabanas or in room. A seperated spa will be opened very soon. I can definitely recommend the massage by the cabana, which has been a unique experience. Enjoying the soft wind in my face, with a pleasant heat and a calming massage is a must do at the resort. The therapists offer different kinds of massages, so as the Balinese massage.

jasmin fatschild spa beach pool

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Also, when it comes to food the resort is doing well with various offers. Guests will find a daily afternoon tea at the Katha Lounge which is held daily from 2:30PM to 5M, for an extra charge of 190K IDR. 

afternoon tea katha lounge

anarasa restaurant

However, the main restaurant is named Anarasa which is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, the weekly Sunday brunch takes place at the Anarasa, so as various buffet events. The Anarasa, is as mentioned, opened for breakfast as well. I have been guest at many hotels but I can´t remember a breakfast buffet like the one at Anarasa. Huge is no even coming close as an expression. Guests will be supplied with food from all over the world, suitable for every diet and taste.

buffet for breakfast bali

Especially it´s worth to mention that all the food is fresh and even more, the buffet features a fresh juice bar station. Without any surcharge guests will be offered to create their own juice or try some of the freshly squeezed juices or smoothies.

food healthy vegan
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Since the resort is very focused on families, there is of course a kid’s area as well and an additional buffet. Guests will also have the option to leave their kids in the lounge for breakfast or even longer, since the kids area features gaming consoles, tv´s and slides, so as a bubble bath. This service is without any extra charge.

hotel buffet for kids

lunch breakfast dinner

I also stopped at the Anarasa restaurant for lunch. While the menu is featuring many dishes, there is yet a smaller selection for vegans on the set menu, however glutenfree options are offered as well.

chocolate hour bali mövenpick jimbaran

A complimentary service in the afternoon is the daily chocolate hour, which is offered at the lobby area, every day from 4PM to 5PM, offering a chocolate fountain and sweets to dip in.

The resorts also offer a gym to their guests. Even better there are also complimentary classes, so as aqua fitness or volleyball. However, the gym is fully equipped with cardio machines and weights.

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The Mövenpick Resort &Spa Jimbaran Bali also provides access to another restaurant which is named Above Eleven and located on the rooftop, overlooking the resort and Jimbaran Bay.

above eleven jimbaran

However, a must do for everyone travelling to Bali is the Sunday brunch at Anarasa. As I missed to attend the brunch during my stay I came back to the resort to have the brunch. I can tell this is such a must do, or even more it is a must “eat”.

The brunch at the Mövenpick Resort &Spa Jimbaran Bali is worth to go. The Brunch is offered every Sunday from noon to 4PM. Beside the main buffet it also features an additional buffet for the smaller ones of us, including pizzas and deliciously looking pastry.

chocolate fountain

pastry sweet

Beside the food in the indoor area there is also an outdoor area with even more food, including a sushi station as well. Also during the brunch, one will have access to the fresh juice bar.

sushi food bali

breakfast buffet pizza brunch

I can tell, my stay with the Mövenpick Jimbaran was a wonderful experience and I still love to flick through all the photos I took. The service was amazing, while the staff was always very kind and trying to help me with every wish and need I did have. Especially in fact of that the hotel just recently opened, I´m totally blown away by the professional attitude and service. Everything is running smooth. As I always tell, it´s the small things that make one feel home, even when being far away from home and I felt home at the Mövenpick Resort &Spa Jimbaran Bali. I will make sure to come back in the future as well. Should it be for a stay or for the Sunday brunch, this resort is always an excellent idea.