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During my stay in Singapore I was able to visit one of the oldest buildings of Singapore. The Raffles hotel builds the center of Singapore and I have read so many different reviews before my travel to Singapore, that a visit was a must do for me..

lobby of the raffles  hotel singapore

Organized by Accor hotels I could spend a day at the Raffles hotel, with the kind invitation of the hotel to their spa and Tiffin room restaurant. 

balcony raffles hotel spa area

I already arrived early in the morning by 10:30 AM for a 60-minute spa treatment at the hotel. It was an aroma massage for SGD$215 which is equal to about 140€. I can tell, this massage was worth the price. I have been so deeply relaxed that I even fell asleep. 

amrita spa singapore raffles hotel

whirlpool luxury spa

When I arrived at the spa I was welcomed by the spa team and offered to some tea and cold drinks. After completing a form for my treatment and a quick change of my clothing I was guided to the terrace. The building of the Raffles hotel is all white and looks very historical and glamorous. I took so many photos and tried to cover every single area as I deeply fell in love with the whole ambient and look of the hotel.

After a few minutes, I was guided to my spa treatment suite. I was also asked which oil I want to choose for the treatment, out of a selection of three various kinds. I decided for the deep relaxing one which also included rosemary. 

massage spa treatment

pool hotel skyline

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As soon as the therapist started with the treatment I was finally able to take a break out of life and totally cleared my mind. Due all the travel I'm constantly on the go. In the last days, it was very hard for me to fell asleep because I wanted to post on time so I barely slept at all.

food selection dessert

food buffet

The treatment started with an inhalation, followed by giving some pressures on my trigger points to solve any cramps. I deeply enjoyed the treatment and highly recommend it. It was a totally unique experience compared to previous treatments of mine. Even the light was turned off and only candle light was lighting up the room. When I turned around on the back the therapist put a mask for my eyes on so everything remained dark. 

cuisine indian raffles dinner

orange juice

sweets cake tart

After the 60 minutes of massage I couldn't have been more calmed down, to be honest. It was close to noon and I went down to the Tiffin room, a restaurant of the Raffles hotel which serves an Indian food buffet. Most of the dishes are vegetarian or contain meat but the chef so as the entire team will support one with recommendations or customized options. The buffet is very rich and opens from noon to 2PM. It is a great option for people to take a break out of discovering the city and have lunch in a central and historical location.

ice cream raffles hotel lunch buffet

tiffin room raffles hotel

The year was 1887 when the doors to the Raffles Hotel Singapore first opened. Since then, this luxury five star hotel in Singapore has become an icon that epitomises the romance of the Far East – an intoxicating blend of luxury, history and colonial design.

raffles hotel singapore travel blog

hotel lobby 5 star hotel

singapore hotel raffles

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After lunch, I spent a few more hours at the pool and spa area. I was enormously blown away by the beautiful old-fashioned pool area. The ladies room also features a steamed bath, which is a terrific addition to the remaining spa facilities.   

flowers raffles hotel lobby

The Raffles hotel is currently under construction but is still opened for guests. To be honestly I didn't even realize the construction on the first view, just when I was told so. I can tell that the Raffles hotel in Singapore is worth a visit for everyone from and visiting to Singapore. I'm already excited for the fresh surface of the luxury escape in the heart of Singapore.

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