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More than one moth of my trip around the world has  passed by. I still can’t believe that all of this is currently happening. I´m sitting somewhere far away from home, with my laptop and share all of this with you. Every day is different and I´m so happy to go through this adventure..

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As some of you remember, the “big trip” started on the 23rd of May, with my departure to Singapore. Today is already the 8th of July and I have arrived in Australia, staying with a friend of mine and having some memories of Berlin and my hometown coming up to my mind.

I think this all white look is a perfect fit for this article. My mood and my view on Berlin is very transparent right now. Don´t get me wrong, I love my hometown and I see Berlin still as my base, a base I will for sure always want to return to, but for now I feel so far away from Berlin, not only in terms of location but more from my wish to be back there and my feelings. I think that I do really need this time on my own to find myself.


I believe that this travel is very important for me. I know that I´m reliable and I get my stuff together but sometimes I just want to throw myself into these situations that will enforce me to be alone and to make it happen without any additional support. I kind of live a comfortable life back there in Germany, since I do always have everyone and everything around me, as a kind of protection. I can rely on my friends and family but as a 22-year-old woman I want to prove myself that I’m mature. I like it to see myself brave, facing my fears and reaching my goals. I guess sometimes one needs to suck to grow out of the experience.

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I live for travelling. To be away might be something that most people are afraid of because one is leaving the comfort zone but I think that leaving to comfort zone and stepping out of a scheduled day, week, moth or year is what keeps us alive and what keeps us excited and thrilled for new things coming up.

A lot of people ask why I travel by myself, while the answer so easy - it´s beacause of fear, the fear of others and the limit others do have, compered to the limits I will step out to. I do not know anyone who has time to do a long-term travel or wants to make the time to do a travel like this. Compared to others I see myself as someone who doesn´t live for worldly matters. Money and things like a car or a house do not mean much to me. I live for the adventure, for the change and for opportunities coming up and for the feeling that comes up when I pack my suitcase.

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I´m grateful for the support I do have coming from my readers and I´m happy on every day I´m able to live my dream. Fortunately, I was brave enough to finally take the last step to do this trip because I scheduled myself for this already 2 years ago. I hope you like the content that is currently published and keep following my travels and stories.

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