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I am often asked why I travel by myself. Today I want to give an explanation why I decide to travel by myself and the reasons why I prefer traveling by myself much more compared to traveling with a partner.. 

I guess a lot of women nowadays travel by their self and there are a lot of bloggers who also share their thoughts about that. The first time I went on a solo trip was two years ago to Paris. This trip was only scheduled for five days but I can tell you guys that I've been really scared to spend the time by myself and I've been really scared about strangers and dangerous events taking place. Especially due that time I just realized how important the trip has been for me as it was time to grow up and to be also able to spend time by myself and not always to rely on others. So, with the age of 19 I've been traveling by myself for the first time. This was also when I just realized that I need to do "this" more often to grow strong and to let my fears go. When I was 15 I would have never returned back home in the dark because I've been so afraid. I had always someone to pick me up. In the winter time when I was younger I always used to get back home by latest 4 PM. So, when I traveled to Paris I finally realized what my actual problem is. It is a problem with myself to trust. 

I realized that I have a lot of opportunities with my blog, the chance to travel. I just missed so many opportunities because of the stupid fear which was more a thing I made up by myself instead of a facing danger. That was basically the reason why I booked myself for a Fashion Week trip to London all by myself again. After a few of these solo trips I started to realize that it's not so bad to travel by myself I learned how important it was and still is for me.
We as women always lower ourselves. Per example that we would need a partner to be safe, a male person with us or to always ensure to not feel lonely. I used to travel with some people and I just realized that I actually had to carry for them most of the time. It's not that I make a complaint about it but sometimes I just want to be spontaneous and go out and just follow my own ideas and my wishes but that is not possible because when you travel in the group you just have to follow the group. So, when it comes to travel I just knew that traveling by myself would be so much more fun for me. 

After a few short trips, I knew it was time to schedule something big. Last year with the age of 21 I decided to do a three months trip through the USA. 
This trip was very teaching for me. Some of you know I'm still staying back home with my mom because I travel so much that it just doesn't make sense to move out. Last year I spent a total of two months in the entirely year back home.  Now, as I´m on a trip around the world for 9 months it is even more intense. I can tell, sometimes it might be easier to have someone who would help me with the baggage, to protect me from dangerous people and situations or to take the train with me in the night. However, this is something that I will have to do by myself. Because I know, it will not always be that easy and comfortable for me in life and I will have to go through tough times in future. Not everything will always be all right, but that is fine. All these things will help me to grow strong and to be (more) mature. 

Solo travelling is the best thing ever happened to me. I feel more grounded and learn so much about myself on travel. I met so many people and had amazing talks to people from all around the world.

Sometimes life is such a rotating door. One will go through and through and everything seems so easy. Sometimes you also stuck at a certain place but especially when that happens one needs to move on. I'm an open minded and curious personality. I resume a lot about the things that happen, the good and the so considered bad ones. Every night when I go to bed, not only on this travel I do a kind of meditation.

I put on a playlist and resume the day. I'm not a religious person but a very spiritual one. So, every night I sit or lie in bed, I will close my eyes and let the day go by again. I'm always grateful for every person I meet, for every new experience and for every new day that comes up. I always try to view everything from a positive angle so my heart and mind keeps being filled with love and joy. That also keeps me trained to be more balanced and patient. Traveling helped me to learn more about myself and I'm able to reflect my personality during this ongoing process by writing for blog.

I'm currently working a lot on new postings, photography and content to come up with to share the raw moments with you. I'm so happy for everyone who support and joins me on this ongoing journey - before, during and after this journey. Thank you!